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A Skeptics Encounter

Karyn Kidd, Victoria, Australia
April 1998

This encounter happened to a close friends brother who is a sceptic and it scared the hell out of him.

Ashley was sitting quietly at home one night ,he and his girlfriend had not long moved into this house which is on five acres. The house is fairly old,though I'm not sure exactly how many years is has been there. So there he was with his cat on his knee,enjoying the peace and quiet,when the cat very suddenly sat up and began to follow the movement of something across the room. There was a vile smell followed by a blast of heat. Ashleys hair was standing on end and he said he could feel the breeze of someone walking past him and the sound of footsteps across the roof. Since then he has seen the figure of a woman twice in the same spot, very shadowy in appearance. My friend and I did some research into the history of the house and I hope to personally spend a night in this house to verify this sighting as I have had some encounters my self and I am a bit psychic as well, so I will keep you up to date on the strange happenings in this house.

Karyn Kidd, Victoria, Australia
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