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A Spirit From The Ouija Mimicked My Brother

Lisa Roman, KS, USA
December 2011

I have been reading a few stories of other peoples experiences when they have played with the Ouija board and I can relate with most of the stories. It is very addicting, however I have not heard of an experience quite like the one I had when I was 11 yrs old living in North Platte, Nebraska. My brother Jason who is almost two years older than me, my friend Fara and I were playing the Ouija for a while and many strange things happened. That's also when I developed a gift of automatic writing but I refuse to use it (I didn't know that that was the name for it until I was older).

The event happened near dawn when Fara and I were just leaving the grocery store (went to buy candy) and as we walked out of the store I saw the back of my brother's body turning around the corner in front of us. I swear it was him, his coat (black), his walk, everything was exact, even the tuff of hair in the middle of his head that always stuck up. My friend and I both yelled his name for him to wait for us and we ran around the corner just behind him still shouting for him to wait . He did not respond at all, he didn't even look back and kept at a fast walk. Fara and I were part jogging and running trying to catch up. He kept his same quick walk pace but was always the same distance ahead of us. I was angry that he did not wait for us or say anything at all.

We both saw him walk up the porch (which was lighted) and go into my house just as we had got there. I opened the door and ran inside quickly with Fara right behind me and we were both sweating. I yelled for my brother (angrily now) because I was going to ask him why he didn't wait. My Mom came from the kitchen asking what was the matter.

I told her Jason didn't wait for us (almost yelling it at her). She looked at me kind of confused and said " Lisa, Jason's in the bathtub bathing. He's been there for a while."

I didn't believe her and I swung the coat closet open and found his coat was hung neatly and not moving. He wouldn't of had time to hang it up and then go run to the bathroom and jump in the tub because we were mere seconds behind him. There was just no way. I know and Fara knows what we saw that night. What I don't know is what it was or why it chose to mimic my brother?

Lisa Roman, KS, USA
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