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A Strange Ride

Missouri, USA
June 2001

First of all my house is built on an old slave plantation where many strange things occur. We can hear voices and people running around outside. But on this one particular night something happened that was so bizarre.

I was at my cousin's house and it was getting late and I did not want to stay the night. So I decided to go home around one in the morning. I proceeded to ride my bike home to my house.

While I was riding down the dark road to my house out of nowhere someone was calling my name. They were calling my name telling me to go to them, I then screamed "No" then someone or something began to chase me. I began pedaling faster and faster, my heart was beating a thousand times per minute. Then I hit a huge rock, I flipped with my bike, though I did not fly off, I maintained staying on the bike and continued pedaling. They still gave chase and I was very afraid. I finally made it to the door and ran inside and jumped in my bed and fell fast asleep.

The next morning my mother comes into the room and asked what happened to my bike and I was not sure what she was talking about. She asked how did I break it and I still was unaware of what she was meaning. I went outside to look at my bike and one of the wheels was completely missing and the other was bent pretty bad and there was no chain on the bike!!! And that was my Strange Ride.

Missouri, USA
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