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A Suicide in the Country

Debi Coker, OK, USA
August 2009

We purchased our house in October 2004, a nice place outside of a small town with a small acreage, a nice home, big shop, and a stocked pond. A perfect place for a 'tired of the city life' family. Our new home had been abandoned for almost a year prior to our buying it. Imagine all the yard work that was needed! My boyfriend is a car hauler and is gone a lot of the time, so it leaves my daughter and myself home alone.

As you know, when you move into a 'used' house, you will always get the mail (mostly junk) for the previous occupants. We kept receiving mail for a man that was a district manager for popular restaurant chain.

Shortly after we moved in, I started noticing a few odd things. Such as the toilet seat in hall bathroom being up. No, the boyfriend wasn't home (it wouldn't have been odd). I put it down and went on about my business. After a couple more times of this, I asked my daughter if she put it up. Of course she looked at me like I was crazy and said "NO"! Other little things, like pictures being tilted, strokes and tugs on my hair were happening as well. I had been telling my boyfriend about everything all along, he believed me, knowing I was how levelheaded I am. To this day, 15 July 2009, my daughter still doesn't know, because she freaks out watching 'Ghost Hunters' with me! She had confided in me once that she felt like she was being watched from time to time. I told her when she was feeling that way to say "Stop watching me! Go away!"

The following July in 2005, we had a visit from a neighbor down the road. He came to invite us to a 4th of July party at his house. We ended up talking with him for two hours. He asked us if we knew about the man that committed suicide in our house. He told us that he was a manager of restaurant chain and had killed himself with a shotgun in our master bathroom! He couldn't tell us anymore information than that because that was all he knew. My boyfriend and I realized that we pretty much knew who was in our house! We even knew his name. I will give my ghost the name of 'HIM' for this writing.

I have always believed in spirits and ghosts, and figured that maybe that was the case with everything going on in the house and since no harm had been done, I was cool with it. Until one night when I was in bed alone. I was just at the point of falling into that deep sleep when a shotgun blast beside my head brought me straight up out of bed and my heart was beating so hard, it thought it was going pop out my chest! My stopped and listened for my daughter and especially the dog to react and... nothing. No one heard it but me. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom and then looked into the closet, there was nothing there.

I told my boyfriend about it when he got home. The next day, he told me that he went into the bathroom, while I was working, and told HIM that he was welcome to stay or leave but he would not tolerate HIM scaring his girlfriend.

I talk to HIM sometimes, especially on holidays. He has been pretty good, I must say. He messes with the cat from time to time, which scares the cat, but it makes me laugh as cat will all of a sudden jump up, run, tail twitching and eyes as big as dinner plates! Other times, the cat will look up nervously like he sees something that I cannot.

Other than the time, not too long ago, it felt a rubbing down my leg right after I slipped my jeans, he hasn't physically bothered me. I told HIM to "Knock it off!" and laughed. These days, he is into opening cabinet doors.

I tried 'Googling' HIM in 2005 and found nothing. In June of 2009, I 'Googled' his name again and got a hit! I found out that he died in November of 2003, less than a year before we bought the house. I went to the local paper and found his obituary in their archives. Such a sad story, he was only 35 years old, had a wife and was a father of three.

Bless you my friend, I only wish you could find solace and move into the light.

Debi Coker, OK, USA
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