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A Traveling Spirit

Madison, TX, USA
May 2011

As a child I always held a deep interest for the paranormal, especially because I had experienced several rather small and insignificant episodes of paranormal activity. None of these episodes really bothered me until they began to intensify. When I was 9 years old, I was adjusting to a new house to which my family had recently moved. We had moved into a nice neighborhood with good people, but near historical land where battles had been fought.

Not long after getting settled in the new home, I began to feel uncomfortable. There was something about that house that made me feel like I was always being watched. After hearing some strange noises and watching my normally quiet dog bark at nothing, I began to suspect something unusual going on in my new house. One night, while I was sleeping in my bedroom, I was awakened by my bedroom lights turning on, thinking it was my parents I glanced to my door but I saw nothing.

I was extremely frightened by this event, and upon asking my mother about it the next day, she said she hadn't come in my room.

After this event occurred I began to have trouble sleeping; I felt like there were always eyes on me. Because I wasn't really sleeping I began to notice more things happening at night. One night while I was lying in bed awake, I heard a computer mouse clicking noise; I had a computer that sat right across the room from my bed. As I looked towards my computer I saw the monitor light up and the mouse move across the screen. Immediately after I saw this, my desk chair moved about a foot and half away from my desk. I was frozen in fear. Many more events like this occurred while I lived in this house, but we moved away from it several years later.

I was happy that I was going to get away from the spiritual chaos that I had experienced in my previous house, especially because we were moving to a different state. The first night after moving into my new house, I felt the same discomfort I had felt in my old house. I began to think that maybe I was just paranoid and there was truly nothing paranormal going on, but things began to happen in the new house also.

Not only did I feel on edge in my own bedroom, but also my cat seemed to develop a lot of anxiety when coming into the section of my house by my room. In fact, she rarely ever ventured to my room. Nothing too exciting happened (other than the general discomfort I felt) for about two years.

When I was about 13 I began to experience even more frightening paranormal episodes, the following being perhaps the most memorable. I had a friend sleep over one night and we did nothing out of the ordinary. We watched movies, played computer games, and talked on the phone. Around 10pm I decided to take a shower, and after I showered, my friend decided to take one also. When she got out she walked over to me and told me that her back was hurting and asked me to see if she had a bruise or cut. I looked at her back to find a cross etched into it. I had asked her if she had done it herself, and she denied it; I questioned whether or not she was lying until I saw another cross appear on the back of her neck. I was standing behind her as I saw the skin rise up and turn bright red right in front of my eyes; it looked as if something was causing this from the inside. She continued to develop more than 5 of these markings throughout the night. When we finally decided to try sleeping, we both had a hard time calming down enough to rest.

We eventually fell asleep for a few hours, but upon waking up we found the most terrifying marking she had gotten. On her forearm read the words "your next." Noting the misspelling, I once again asked her if she had done it and sincerely, she denied it again, but I was still skeptical. It wasn't until a few days later that I actually believed her.

A few days after the event I was sleeping at night when I awoke feeling extremely exposed and with the piercing feeling of being watched. I opened my eyes to see a very large black figure with red eyes staring at me. Paralyzed with fear I couldn't speak, but managed to pull my blankets over my head to hide from the figure. I stayed that way for about an hour, and then I got up the courage to see if the entity was still there. I was relieved to see that it had left, but the eyes I saw were imprinted in my memory.

The feeling of being watched stayed constant, and my insomnia grew to be even more severe. I found myself only able to fall asleep if I left the TV on because it provided light and sound to distract from my room. The occurrences began to happen less frequently, but I never truly felt alone. As I got older, the feeling began to be less invasive as I got used to it, but still every now and then I can feel eyes on me just like I felt that night.

Madison, TX, USA
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