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A Visit From Mom & Carl

Danielle, CA, USA
July 2003

My house has been haunted since the day my grandparents first moved here. The house was built in the 1930s and has been home to many people who have died here.

I've always loved my house because of its high paranormal energy. (I'm a bit of a fanatic). Well, anyways, my mom died in January of this year of a liver problem, and my best friend, Carl, also died weeks before my mom did, but his death was a bit of a shock. He killed himself. I never got to say goodbye to Carl, and always asked him to visit me as I sat alone in my house. Well, not too long ago my younger sister and I were up late at night around 12:02 midnight, and I had dozed off to sleep. I was awakened as I heard my sister calling my name and a loud scratchy noise. I opened my eyes to see the TV on. Except there was no reception, just the black and white image that is on when certain channels are off the air. She told me she didn't turn it on, and I noticed that it was true because the remote was nowhere near her. She took off to my older sis' bedroom. I later followed her and discovered that my older sis had an experience of her own. She said she saw a figure of my mom sitting in her old rocking chair and it moved around whenever my sister did. She had been on the phone with her boyfriend and was telling him how freaked out she was. We slept all together that night.

Weeks later, when I was asleep I woke up again to hear the scratchy noise again. My eyes popped wide open in fear. I looked at the clock and it was 12:02 again. Since that night a few weeks ago, tapping noises have been heard by my family and I in the back of the room. This story is true and so are many others that have been told about this house.

Danielle, CA, USA
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