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GC, Singapore
November 2005

I used to work as a flight attendant a number of years back. Due to the nature of the job, it was inevitable that a good number of hotel ghost stories surfaced rather often whenever we were off-duty, one of which never left my mind.

It is said that there's a certain hotel within the Maldives that's haunted by a rather strange little girl. One close colleague of mine, JK, related the story to me.

She had just checked into the hotel with the rest of the team, and was pretty impatient to get to her room to unpack and go hang out at the beach. Upon unpacking, she left her luggage unlocked and sitting on the luggage rest that came with the room.

After a full day of sunbathing and chilling out at the beach, she returned to her room to find, to her horror, that her luggage was locked up and standing in the middle of the doorway! Although disturbed by it, she did not want to let this affect her too much and so proceeded to unlock her bags and left them where she did the first time, and then thought nothing more about it, and also telling no one about it. Little did she realise that this was only the beginning of her horror.

Later that night, she was awoken from her sleep by the room phone ringing. Groggily she picked it up and said, "Hello?". There was silence, which was quickly followed by a young girlish voice that said,"Hello? Do you want to hear my ABC?" Then JK recounted that the little girl went on to sing "A-B-C-D-E-F..." Thinking it to be a prank played on her by one of her colleagues, she merely sighed and hung up the phone. Almost immediately, the phone rang again, this time urgently, making her jump out of her skin. Angrily, she answered it saying, "Hey do you know what time it is?!" Again, silence. But this time it was followed not by a young girly voice, but a loud husky and angry voice that yelled, "WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO MY ABC?!!" The the voice continued yet again,"A-B-C-D-E- F..." in that loud angry tone. This time JK got really freaked out and slammed the phone down. She told me she was shaking like a leaf at this point, when the phone rang again. Despite herself, she picked the phone up again, this time not saying anything. And she said what she heard from the other end of the phone was the most blood- curdling laughter that wouldn't stop.

Needless to day, JK stayed over at a colleague's room for the rest of the time she was there. When she returned to Singapore, she confided her experiences to a senior colleague who informed her that she was not the first to experience this.

Apparently the story goes that a young girl had drowned in the bathtub while her family were watching TV, and her body was only discovered much later. It is said that this little girl's spirit never left the room. He also told JK that this girl had even been sighted on several occasions, sometimes wet from head to toe, other times just looking very sad. This happened in the hotel's only corner room, and JK was staying in a corner room.

I hear this story has been circulated so often that it's become an urban legend of sorts within the airline. But JK maintains that she experienced all of it and even has this to prove it - her travel vanity mirror which she keeps with her bathroom amenities has a smudge on it. On closer inspection, it looks like a partial handprint, that of a young child's.

GC, Singapore
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