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Activity At Night

Adina, AZ, USA
April 2012

It was somewhat early in the evening, and I had just gotten out of after-school choir practice. I tossed my bag to the floor, and looked around. I went up to my room and locked the door as I usually do to prevent small children from walking into my room and bugging me. I looked through my photo album as I waited for my monitor to turn on and the computer to boot up. As I began to get my essay ready, I suddenly felt very tired and decided to go to sleep.

Around 10:30, I woke up to a loud thud. My computer tower had been knocked down, which was weird since it was so heavy. I put it back into place and picked my monitor up, seeing that the blank word document I had pulled up was typing random characters. I thought nothing of it and unplugged the keyboard, stopping it. I plugged it in again and the document was fine after. I erased the words and exited the word document.

I decided to watch some videos over the internet since I was no longer tired, and after four videos I heard a whisper. I looked around after pausing the video, and hearing my name being called, I went into the hallway with a blanket wrapped around me. The whispering came from a closet door across from my room. I turned into my room, deciding to ignore it, and saw a note from my dad. "Mom and I went to pick your sister up from Sedona. We will be back around five."

I called my mom, and no answer. I didn't hear her phone go off, so they must have meant five in the morning. My name was shouted angrily, and I spun around to find the closet door opening. I was told to come, but instead, I backed into my room and shut the door, making sure it was locked. I sat on my bed and watched the door intently, wondering who or what was in the closet across the hall. I heard the grinding sound of my sliding door closet opening, and I turned my head slowly. I saw nothing but my open closet door, and I got up to investigate. I thought maybe I was going crazy, but I was curious to see what was inside my closet.

I reached the door when I felt a cold sensation going up and down my back. Suddenly, I was tired, and it took all my strength to stand up. I don't remember much after that, but I woke up in the closet across from my room. I'm not sure what was calling my name or why, but I don't think its intentions were good.

Adina, AZ, USA
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