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Adams Haunt

January 2002

I've had many experiences throughout the years, nothing scary...just a little odd.

I used to live in an apartment that was around 25 years or so old. It was a beautiful place, large spacious rooms and so on. But what really made me nervous was my bedroom and the basement.

My bedroom had a sliding glass door that lead to a deck outside, and a sliding door closet right across the room from it (was behind my bed).

One night I was trying to get to sleep, but was having trouble, and I noticed my cat, who was sleeping at the left of me was staring at the closet. I watched her for a few minutes, it was so eerie how her gaze wouldn't leave that closet. Puzzled, I turned around and saw nothing odd. I looked back at my cat who was still staring hard at the closet door. Annoyed, I lay back down and I started to hear a light thumping noise coming from the closet. I tried to ignore it, but it was getting louder and louder. I sat up and looked at the closet, it was off the track and was being knocked back and forth, as if someone was in there trying to get out. It was so violent, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I got up and moved away from my bed and ran out of the room and slammed the door shut.

I sat on my couch, (so from this spot, I could see my bedroom door right down the hallway). The whole time I could hear the banging then it just stopped. I listened and heard nothing. For almost 30 minutes I sat and waited. Then, I could hear the closet door slide open, close, and the springs on my bed be pushed down. For some strange reason I got up and slowly walked toward my bedroom, opened the door and saw nothing, everything was normal, even the closet.

The next day I made my boyfriend look in the closet and see if anything was in there. Nothing was, except the inside of the door was scratched and cracked open.

About a year later, I was washing some clothes (my washing machine was in the basement). I could feel like I was being watched. I Looked up and saw the name Adam written on the wall at my eye level. I NEVER noticed this before but figured it was done by someone who lived there before me. So, I picked up my clean clothes and began to walk up the stairs, just before I got to the door, I had the urge to look behind me. I was shocked, a young man around the age of sixteen was a few steps behind me, I nearly screamed, partly for the fact that he was there and that he was very pale and almost transparent. I didn't stay there long, I dropped the clothes and ran out of the house. I moved out about a week or so later.

On the day I moved out I saw my landlord, and asked him if someone named Adam ever lived in the house. He got a strange look on his face and he told me this:

About 5 years prior to me moving in, there was a family who had a son who was 18 years old, he always spent time in the basement for some reason. His name was Adam Volhtz and was killed in the apartment. My landlord refused to tell me what or who did it. But his murderer placed him in a closet, the one in my bedroom. He asked me how I knew about the name, he said he was the only one in the area who knew. I just shrugged my shoulders and shook my head, how could I answer?

Amazed, I went back inside for one last look at the apartment. I could hear a weird whispering sound and could have sworn I heard the words "I'm sorry". Maybe it was Adam apologizing for scaring me those few times, I really don't know. And, I will never set foot in that place again.

Sorry that this was so long, and thank you very much for reading.

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