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Alice's Ring

New York, USA
January 1998

This isn't anything that has happened to me, but a ghost story my friend told me, I thought it was a good story, but kind of sad, so I submitted it.

There once was a girl, her name was Alice. She was very beautiful, and from a very well to do family. In her days people from good families didn't really associate with families of lower classes. But as you can guess, Alice fell in love with a good hearted man who was from a family with no money. His name was Julien. Her love remained in secret for a long time, until Alice and Julien got engaged, that's when Alice's brother found out about them by accident. Alice was wearing the engagement ring that Julien had given her when her brother asked her where it had come from. She told him in hope of him keeping it secret for her. For the most part he did. He didn't tell his family about the engagement, instead he settled for hiding the ring, knowing that Juliens family couldn't afford another, he hoped it might cancel the wedding.

Alice was heart broken that she had lost the ring, she thought she had just misplaced it. A couple of weeks later Alice fell sick with a very high fever. She laid delirious in her bed, calling out Juliens name, but no one knew who he was, except for the brother, who still kept the relationship secret for his sister. As the fever got worse everyone was sure she would die. Soon she was so delirious she couldn't remember anything except the lost ring. She would lay there day in and day out muttering, crying and screaming about her ring. "where is it?!" she would cry, until she died of the fever. She was buried in the back yard and the house is on tour. People say that when you enter the house you feel a tugging on your fingers as she is looking for her ring. Another belief is that if you circle her grave and say her name three times she will give you good luck in finding things that are lost.

New York, USA
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