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Am I Crazy?

December 2003

Iuse to live in Texas. I moved there when I was twelve years old. (I am now 17) I had a pretty normal life before that.

I moved into a house that was about a block away from these apartments. I knew that there had to be kids my age that lived there, so I would go for daily walks in these apartments.

I met this family who lived there, they were real nice people. It was a family of five. Two sons and a daughter, Matt, Cody, and Ashley. When I first met them they told me that a ghost followed their family. Of course I didn't believe them. They told me not to worry, the ghost didn't mess with strangers. At least, that was what they thought.

The first time something happened was about a month after I had met them. I was staying the night at their house. I walked out of Ashley's room to get some water. The living room was dark so I had to feel my way to the kitchen. As I got to the middle of the living room, I felt really uneasy. I got cold as well. I was too scared to move, I thought someone was standing behind me, but when I turned around there was no one. I turned back around and as I did I could see a figure standing by the door that takes you out. I thought it was one of the boys so I called out their names. No answer. I walked to the figure, reached out to feel it, my hand touched nothing. That was when I screamed. Everyone ran out and turned the light on. I was still reaching out, yet there was no dark figure there anymore. I told them about it, and they replied with an I told you so. After that, more things happened. I don't think it was one ghost that followed them.

I would stay the night over there often. Lights would go on and off, every morning the shower went on, the washer, and Cody's stereo. He had amps hooked up to his stereo, so when it went on (it was turned up all the way) pictures would always fall off the walls. I got use to it after a while. Only once was I truly alarmed. I awoke in the middle of the night and there was a hand on my leg. I opened my eyes to see if anyone was standing there and I saw no one. The hand started to move up my leg and I could see the covers moving as if there really was a solid hand under it. When the hand got to my thigh I rolled over real fast and hugged my friend Ashley as tight as I could. I tried to wake her up but she wouldn't budge. I yelled at whatever it was and told it that it was not welcome and it needed to leave, I said it will be forgotten and there would be no use in sticking around to make a nuisance of itself. I guess it listened because that never happened again.

The morning was still a problem though. I thought it was just the family that attracted spiritual energy, I was wrong.

For some reason, after those incidences, more things happened. It was in those apartments, when I was alone usually. I would go for walks and encounter things that led me to believe I was truly crazy. I would see a little girl with a pink dress and black dress shoes. There was a big pink bow on the back of her dress and she had blonde hair and blue eyes. She would sometimes appear to me and ask me to come play with her. She would say,"Come play with ussssssss..." Always dragging the "s". Sometimes she would be in one particular apartment on the top floor sticking her head out a window that wasn't there, other times she would be roaming around in this field. The one time I definitely freaked out was when I was walking home from these apartments alone one night. I was cold and scared because I had no one to walk with me and it was ten, passed curfew. I heard footsteps behind me. When I turned around, there was an old women with her hair tied back, she was wearing a purple dress with a lot of layers under it and she had a gray shawl, with a lot of holes in it, rapped around her. I thought that she looked like an Indian. When I looked at her face she was smiling. I smiled back and continued to walk. I could hear her pace speed up, I walked slower. Soon, she was walking next to me. I looked at her and she said nicely,"What are you doing walking around at this time of the night?" I said I was going home. "Well, why didn't you have one of those nice young boys you were with earlier, walk with you." She replied. I told her that they weren't that nice. Then she suggested that she walk with me part of the way. I kindly took the offer. We started talking to each other and she was telling me about how much I reminded her of her beautiful daughter. I remember her telling me about her daughter's prom. The women put her arm around my shoulder, which kept me warm some. I could feel her body heat and the heavy weight of her arm.

Now because of what happens next, I don't quite remember anything else she says. I do know that she said something funny. I turned my face away from her and started to laugh, I was looking at the field. (same field I saw the girl in) I felt her arm leave my shoulder. That second I turned my head to look at her and thank her for walking with me, she was no where to be seen. There is no possible way that she could have walked away without me seeing her. I was in a very wide space. I ran home scared out of my mind (literally) When I got to my safety net (my bed) I was convulsing with laughter. I know, sounds strange, but it was funny to me because I realized that if anyone saw me, they would have seen a girl walking by herself, having a conversation with the air. That was embarrassing to me.

The next day I went to my forty year old friend Dee and told her about it. A change of expression slowly creeped up onto her face, a sullen look, she got up and went into her room. When she came back, she had a picture in her hand. I looked at the picture and I could see her little boy smiling at the camera, I was confused as to why she had the look on her face when all she was showing me was a picture of her son. Her finger points to the apartment behind him which was on the bottom floor to the right of hers, (her apartment was on the top floor and it was a two-story building by the way). Behind him was an old woman sitting in a rocking chair. The women sitting in that rocking chair was the women I had talked to, she passed away a year before that had happened. I was then convinced that I was not crazy.

The last time I went to those apartments I had seen the last of the many strange things I had encountered. I was extremely depressed and angry. I was so angry that I had punctured the palms of my hands with my nails. I went for a walk to calm down. Now, because of the situation I was in, that was impossible. I had no hope for anything that day. I wanted to give up on everything. I was walking, dwelling on my problems, keep in mind that it was in the middle of summer and there was absolutely no wind. As I was walking I started hearing this noise by my ear, like a humming bird makes when it hovers. My hair was moving as if someone was blowing on it. I thought it was a bug so my first reaction was to swat at whatever it was. I swatted the air. I looked around to see what it was and I saw a light go behind my head. I stood still. Of course, I was naturally freaked out. I tried to see it but it kept going behind my head. This only frustrated me. So, I kept walking. That was when I heard it speak to me."Calm down, it's okay, calm down, it's okay..." The voice repeated this over and over. It was the voice of a child. Finally, I was able to turn my head and see it. I believe it allowed me to. This was truly the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

A baby with golden blonde curls and bright blue eyes with the most precious smile was staring back at me. The baby even had wings. I would say the baby looked like a two year old, just the size of a new born. I guess you can say I saw a cherub. Also, it was on the right side of me. All I know is, when it talked to me, I felt an overwhelming happiness and a feeling of hope seep into me. I felt warm all over and I completely forgot about my problems. I have encountered many strange things in my life, good and bad. I still do, yet, I am able to ignore most of the things.

I don't see spirits anymore, I choose not to. I do have other supernatural things I deal with though.

Don't wish to see these things, it gets to you.

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