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Am I Haunted?

Jamie, South Dakota, USA
March 2004

I'm a teenager, 14 in a couple days, and ever since I can remember, there's always been something that just isn't right.

I always have the feeling that someone is watching me, everywhere.
In our old house, I used to have these dreams of a Native American man who would always stand there and watch me sleep. He always said that he was protecting me from something that I wouldn't understand. I told my mom over and over again that he lived in my closet, I just had a feeling he was there. Every night I woke up, I'd just faintly see a man's face there, but I wasn't scared.

Then one night, after my parents had divorced, I slept in my mom's room, which I was always scared of. When I woke up there was this girl with blonde hair and a denim- looking dress on. She looked like she was really there, but she didn't have a reflection in the mirror. No one believed me until the day that we moved when the fan in there started going around by itself. We were glad to be moving.

It didn't stop when we moved to our new house either.

The first night we stayed there, all we had was a couple of sleeping bags, pillows, and a night-light. Then we heard it. It sounded like something crashing and then a screaming coming from the basement. When we all went down there, there was no sign of anything; nothing.

One time, as I was typing an e-mail to one of my friends in our new house, my CD player turned on from the basement. Now, I was on the 3rd floor, and my CD player doesn't have an alarm setting on it. I was so scared that I didn't move for a couple of minutes. After a while, the music just kept getting louder and louder, and then it changed stations. Now, listen to me. I'm not insane. Or at least I don't think I am. There wasn't anyone else home except for my dog, Oscar, who couldn't possibly reach my stereo, or the remote. When I went downstairs to turn it off, I couldn't find my remote right away. When I finally found it, It was on the top of my display shelf (hanging halfway off), which is about 6 feet from the floor
1) I didn't put it there and
2)there is no one that lives in my house that could possibly reach that high.

Another time when I was washing the dishes, alone again, all (and I mean all) of the magnets on the refrigerator fell off at once. All at the same time. I was scared, but did as I always did, I told it to go away. It seems to work, and it makes me feel a little safer, even though I'm probably not.

When my brother was born, and maybe about a year old, he would always be put in the "naughty chair" out in the living room. He'd bawl for a little while and then start laughing hysterically. When we went out to investigate, he was pointing at the stairs saying "he's so funny! he's so funny!" Who "he" is, we don't know.

But one time, I wasn't alone. It was during gym class a couple days ago. I felt like someone was hugging me around the waist, so I instinctively thought it was my boyfriend...but then he walked up to me with a volleyball. He looked down at my shirt and saw that at my waist, there was a crinkle in the shirt as if someone was holding me. That really freaked both of us out.

What's haunted? Me, my house, or my mind? I really wish I knew. That's my story, and I hope it shows all of you that there are things out there. I do know that those things happened, and that they scare me, and I also know that it has made me braver and more observant. If you have any advice (except getting a reservation in a psychiatric ward) please e-mail me.

Jamie, South Dakota, USA
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