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An Angry Fellow

Celyn, California, USA
May 1999

"wilbur"for that complete retelling).

This encounter, at a local business center, nearly turned my hair white.

Normally when I feel entities, they are either indifferent to me or just are hostile to anyone, not just me in particular. This entity was furious at ME.

Yesterday we went to clean an office at this business center. There were only two other people in the building then, also office cleaners, but they were downstairs and behind a few walls. First let me describe this building. The thing is a monstrosity that does NOT fit with the 1849 gold rush look that goes with most of the town. The place is shadowy, echo-filled, and downright creepy. Since it is built next to an area where there used to be railroad tracks, torn out a few years ago in the name of progress, and seems to always be crawling with life (even though we will be the only ones in the building sometimes) I am led to believe that it used to be the area of a train depot, the business center built over the forgotten site. The place never feels empty, and a few ghosts roam its mausoleum-type halls. It's a "You never feel alone even if you ARE" type of feeling. My mother and I have always felt a slight hostility about the place, and feel that someone is watching us, wondering why in the heck we are there in their place.

We were cleaning an office on the second story of the business center, and I walked into a back closet to get the vacuum cleaner. I have always felt creepy going back into this closet, and as I toed the lock for the vacuum cleaner's handle release, I heard a voice going through the exposed phone line... This voice was the classic sound of an EVP recording, and NOT the soft, distant sound of a conversation being picked up by another phone line. I didn't feel any hostility at this moment, but got the impression that someone who was feeling morose and depressed was telling me to just leave them alone. Did I listen? No. I'm as stubborn as a mule but seem to have the compassion of a nun. When I was done vacuuming the office, I "parked" the vacuum and went over to the closet. I stood there, feeling as if someone was watching me, but disappeared into the closet through the closed door when they sensed I posed no threat. "Hello?" I called. Then I said something along the lines of "I know you are stuck here... you don't have to stay. Surely there are people who love you that have passed over, and you can leave" I broke off as a genuine ANGRY emotion was thrown at me, and then there was the distinct sound of a foot kicking the door from the other side! I bolted, feeling as if I had been burned inside by fire, but returned a few seconds later, upset and concerned for this spirit, even though I felt genuine hostility directed at me. I kept telling him (my mind felt it was a him) that it was okay to be afraid, but it was also okay to leave. Again, I felt hostility and anger grow, but as I said before, I am a stubborn cuss, even though I was terrified and my voice and knees were shaking. My sister (who usually suppresses her psychic talent, because of reasons known only to her) piped up from the other room, "Back off, he's trying NOT to hurt you." This surprised me, but I stayed. For this reason, I think he didn't try to "hit" me, even though I got the impression that if he were alive he would have. I guess you could say that this entity respected my pluck even though I was obviously terrified! I know I respect HIM for not hurting me.

My mother eventually stopped me, knowing that I can get too compassionate about someone, living OR dead (boy that sounds strange!). She took the vacuum to the closet door, and prepared to put it away... here was the moment of truth. Again, I stayed, thinking that I would no longer be afraid if this entity hurt my mother; I would be furious. My mother reached for the door handle, and had to push to get the door open. There before us stood... nothing.

As we left I got the feeling that the entity watched us go before retreating to its closet to sulk. I am giving him a few days before I go back and apologize for upsetting him, and to thank him for his restraint. I have a feeling that he could have hurt us if he had wanted to. If anything happens, I will give you an update.

Celyn, California, USA
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