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An Evening in the Park

April 2000

This is a true account of what happened to my kids and I on 3-23-00, around 9:30pm.

We heard from some friends of my son that a local park is haunted by a lady holding a baby, best seen when it's foggy. Well it wasn't foggy last night, no moon but very clear and alot of stars. Chilly enough to see your breath.

I parked the car in a residential neighborhood and we walked the short way to the park since the park closes at dark and the cops make their rounds regularly. Right away my daughter K.14, was very nervous. My son J. 19 lead the way and I followed with K.attached to me physically. I asked her if she wanted to go home and she answered with a definite no. O.k. then get a grip.

We walked down a paved path and crossed a creek and walked up an embankment to cross a softball field where my husband has practice every year. We are now standing in the middle of the field. Instinctively we knew which way to go. We heard like echoes of footsteps and the kids saw movement in the woods. There were weird vibes but I could not see anything yet. My eyes are very bad. We walked toward the tree line. Meanwhile K. is starting to freak. My son and I walked forward maybe 20ft. into the woods. K. had my jacket pulling me back. I still could not see anything but slight movement in the woods. Both the kids were watching it. J. directed me to the exact spot. I focused my eyes as well as possible in those conditions. Wow there it stood, almost completely transparent like a sarong wrap, very big. One elbow on the tree and one on her hip with like a water effect within the outline. K. is now borderline hysterical. I looked at the entity and said time to go. K. was the first one out then me and my son. He did not turn his back on it and I was worried more about K. I turned around again and it was following us. J. confirmed it. K. was panicking and started to run. We stopped her and tried to calm her down while at the same time walking out and keeping an eye on this thing. K. knew it did not want us there. K. was physically ill by this time. Luckily it stopped at the tree line.

We walked through the ball field periodically turning around. K. vomited before we could get back to the path. I was afraid for K. By now I was kicking myself. No camera or tape recorder and what had I done to K?. We really did not think anything would happen. I thought it was a tale. I have been in paranormal situations before and also worked hospice. Only onetime before had I been frightened.

J.and I where more surprised than scared but I do know it did not want us there. I wish to remain anonymous but at the same time wish to have professional opinions.

J. and I are going back soon with some equipment and without a hysterical person with us. K. is very sensitive but does not know how to control it yet, maybe with time. Thank you for listening and safe hunting.

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