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An Extra Pet

Tracey, NSW, Australia
December 2001

My whole family has had many brushes with the paranormal over the years, but the most 'in your face' experience happened to my sister in our old family home in the suburb of Roselands in Sydney when she was about 20 years old (she's now 30 with kids of her own).

Let me quickly explain the layout - you came in the front door directly into the formal lounge room and from there is a long hall running the length of the house with two bedrooms off the the right, and a bathroom off to the left, directly opposite the second bedroom which had been converted into a stairwell which was added in when the second story was added.

My sister decided one day that she would take advantage of being the only one home and have a bath. She settled into the bath and pushed the bathroom door too, not totally closing it (it would have been open probably an inch). Pretty soon she starts hearing one of our dogs (we had two at the time) sniffing at the gap in the bathroom door and dancing around on the bottom few stairs (the stairs were wooden, so dog claws on them are a pretty distinct sound). She heard the dog going up and down the hall (again, polished wooden floors, so a distinct noise), back onto the stairs and more sniffing at the door. She told it to 'come in, silly dog', but the dog just went on sniffing at the door and trotting up and down the hallway for about the next 15-20 minutes.

She thought nothing of it until she got out of the bath about 45 minutes later and went to the back door to find both our dogs outside behind a locked door. Needless to say, we found a pretty shaken girl when my parents and I got home. She was sitting on the lounge holding a knife with the two flesh and blood dogs inside with her. By the time she'd calmed down a bit, she realised the knife wouldn't do her any good, anyway :), but the noises were so unmistakable, her first thought was that a strange stray dog had made its way into the house somehow. Obviously we all checked the house, and there was no way - if there was, our 'real' dogs would never sleep outside :)

I always wondered, though, what she would have seen if it had pushed the bathroom door open and come in as she told it to?

Thanks for reading

Tracey, NSW, Australia
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