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An Interesting Date

Matthew Boudreaux, Louisiana, USA
February 2007

While attending Mcneese State University in Lake Charles Louisiana I was set up on a blind date by one of my friends. This has been over ten years ago so some of the details are a little fuzzy.

Her name was Mary and we met on a Saturday evening at my friend's dorm room. We exchanged pleasantries, then Mary and I drove over to a local restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately the date was not a success and it was our last, however over dinner she did tell me a very interesting story that supposedly happened near her home town outside of New Orleans.

The story starts off with a young boy and his dog hunting in some woods near his home. As evening approached he started for home and was hit by a car while crossing the road. The driver of the car never stopped and the boy died as a result of the accident. The dog ran home to the boys home. Seeing the dog without their son the parents start to worry and a search party was put together. The boy's body was found and there were no leads as to who was driving the car that hit the child.

The morning after the funeral the mother goes to visit her son's grave and chiseled on the back of his tombstone is a name and address. The mother brings this to the attention of the police who then drive to the address on the back of the headstone. The man who lives at the residence is so freaked out that he confesses to running the boy over.

I told Mary I thought that her story sounded like an urban legend but she swore up and down it was true and that she visited the grave site herself and saw the inscription. She even told me the name of the cemetery and the boy but I can't remember it. I am almost positive it is in Metairie which is just outside of New Orleans. Mary claims the story is common knowledge in that area and that anyone on the street could tell you were to find the cemetery.

I have not tried this myself but I have my doubts. Maybe one day if I am ever in that area I will be able to find out for sure.

Matthew Boudreaux, Louisiana, USA
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