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An Interesting Night

Natalie, CA, USA
August 2011

About a year and a month ago, my best friend had her sixteenth birthday. She didn’t plan anything big, just a day at the mall, lunch out and some other little things. Afterward, me and another friend of hers, that I didn’t know very well at the time, hung out at her house, then had so much fun we decided to stay the night. Her house is only two streets away, so I went home for about ten minutes to grab my things and came back.

We all got ready for bed, then went downstairs to her living room to watch a movie. I helped Zia with the fold out bed and sheets, then we sat on it with her friend on the long side of the couch just adjacent to us, we talked to her mom for a bit then turned out the lights and turned on Silent Hill. It wasn’t too bad, but her mom had set the timer on the TV, and it went out without warning, scaring the wits out of us. A few seconds later we realized that nothing had happened but the TV turning off at the right time.

So we settled down, facing each other, and talked for a bit. We talked about the thing that we believe is in her house. I call it The Bandit, just because it rearranges the things on her nightstand and dresser, moves one book on the shelf, and takes the things that are in places known to no other living soul but her. Maybe it isn’t the most substantial of evidence, but there have been many other things that have happened besides those small events to make us believe there is something there.

Anyway, we talked about the things that have happened to us in our own homes and in other places until we got too tired to continue talking. She fell asleep about ten minutes later, I did not follow her into a nice sleep, I couldn’t. I don’t know why, but I felt uncomfortable, in a way I can’t describe. Zia chose that time to wake up and roll over. From where we were in the living room we could see the staircase, the front room and part of the kitchen and also the front door.

By the door, a tall figure swathed in shadow, was towering, we never saw it move. We would blink and it would be in a different place. None of its features were distinguishable, but I could feel it staring at us, maybe not even us, I just felt its stare. The stare was stifling, like it was trying to hold me down. Zia rolled over so that she was facing me.

I whispered to her "Did you see that?"

She nodded, we hunkered down, and we woke up once at the same time early in the morning, only to see that the figure was only inches away from the bed. It was one of the scariest moments of my life, we could hear it breathing, and its very presence felt menacing. Both of us just closed our eyes and tried not to hear it.

Natalie, CA, USA
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