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An Obvious Message

Bobby Walker, TX, USA
July 2005

From time to time, my wife (Stephany) and I will have strange occurrences and have gotten in the habit of saying "well, someone is trying to get your attention". Yesterday, as I sat on my bed watching TV, an empty Dr. Pepper bottle fell over, slowly rotated 90 degrees and slowly rolled off the table in front of me. The process was so deliberate that I told Steph that someone must be trying to let us know they are there. We both had forgotten about that incident until this afternoon.

My wife went and got Chinese food for her and my daughter and a hamburger for me. When she returned, I asked her who had been smoking in the restaurant. I smelled Cigarette smoke so strongly that I wondered for a second if my Steph had smoked (she doesn't). Steph made a casual comment about the incident yesterday and how maybe it was her Grandmother that was after our attention since she was the only person we know of that smoked.

During the meal, Steph and I chatted about her Grandmother and wondered what she might be here for. It wasn't close to any birthday or any holiday, etc. I told my wife that we might as well stop trying to figure it out. I said that if we were supposed to get a message that we would get one.. I had that overpowering scent of cigarette smoke two more times during the meal and each time we mentioned how if it was her Grandmother, we can't figure out why she would be here now.

It was about then that my 2 year old found the fortune cookies. For some reason, there were three instead of two so my daughter passed one out for each of us. My wife opened her and my daughter's cookie and read the fortune inside. Neither fortune was very interesting.

As the conversation about "getting a message" continued, I mentioned that maybe Steph's grandmother was just dropping by to let us know that she is around is.

I had just finished my food and opened the package for my fortune cookie. The fortune inside the cookie was nothing special but for some reason, there was an extra one in the wrapper for my cookie.. The extra fortune said "the person you are thinking of is thinking of you too".

Bobby Walker, TX, USA
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