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Dahvina, Perth, Australia
January 2001

My name is Dahvina and I am 18 years old. Over the past four years I have lost four friends, and one of them visited me on Friday night.

Andrew and I were never that close, he lived next door to my best friend and we used to spend every spare moment over at his house. This was in late 1997 and as he was 3 years older than me, he was always very nice to me. And I 'fell in love' with him. Unfortunately, he was always high when I saw him and he never remembered my name...

My friend and I grew apart, and I lost all contact with Andrew. I never stopped thinking about him and my heart always jumped if I saw him in the street.

Andrew was hit by a car late one night in 1998. I collected all the his clippings from the newspaper and surrounded them in my album around a photocopied photo I have of him. My only keepsake.

I found this album hidden in one of my draws the other day and had a look through it, as I turned to the page containing Andrews photo I started to cry. I climbed into bed and fell asleep.
A few hours later I heard footsteps on my carpet. Needless to say, I sh*t myself. I lay there listening and the footsteps stopped at the side of my bed, the side I was facing. I opened my eyes in the dark and saw the vague outline of a boy with long hair. I wasn't scared anymore and thought I was dreaming, so I closed my eyes. Thats when I heard his voice, I remembered it so well. He said my name. (Weird, seeing as though he didn't ever remember my name) and sat down on my bed. I looked at him and asked him who it was, he replied that it was Andrew, he went on the say that he is thankful that I haven't forgotten him and he was sorry he never came to see me before. He told me not to be sad and I'll see him again one day. I'm not sure whether he kissed me, but he faded away and my lips got really cold (though it might've been because the window was open, I like to think it was him).

It was really strange, and I'm not sure whether I believe it myself. I keep thinking that there has to be a reason, maybe it was a dream? But I remember being awake...

I wonder whether he'll ever come to see me again one day.

Dahvina, Perth, Australia
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