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Angel At Midnight

Bess, Louisiana, USA
February 2000

This didn't happen to me but to my mother when she was a teenager. She told me about it quite a few years back...and being a child I thought that she was just telling me a story. is the story.

My family on my mothers side were religious people and raised their children with the same beliefs as them. They were a family of 7 children with 4 of them living at home in a small 2 bedroom house. They were very poor but happy. My mother, the youngest, and my uncle, second to her, would sleep in the same room as my grandparents. One night particular, my grandmother woke up to someone knocking on the door. It was very late and she told my grandfather to get up and go see who it was. My grandfather told her that he didn't hear anything, it was no-one to go back to sleep. She took his word for it and tried to go back to sleep. About 10 minutes later she heard the knock again and again summoned my grandfather to go and check it out. He again declined saying that it was no-one. She was annoyed but put it off again as being her imagination. She laid back down and again the knock came again...This time louder and it woke up the whole house, including my grandfather. He then got up, followed by my mother and her siblings, to go and see who it was. When he opened the door, a very bright and brilliant light was what greeted them at the doorway. My grandfather then instructed my mother and all to start praying on their knees. They did as they were told and the light stayed for about 5 minutes and then ascended into the night sky. They felt very calmed and peaceful after seeing this, and knew that it was not there to do harm in any way...Almost as to let them know that they had a guardian in their lives.

I hope that you enjoyed this family story, which is true to my knowledge...I never forgot about the story, and when I read it in my mothers diary, I knew that she had actually experienced it.

Bess, Louisiana, USA
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