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Angel of Death

November 2003

Iwork in a small hospital as a nurse. One summer we received a patient that had a horrible infectious disease. His disease was so contagious that he had to be placed in a special room where the air was vented directly to the outside. All the nurses had to gown, glove, mask, cover their hair with a special hat, put covers on their shoes, and then clear the area before they could open his door to provide care for him.

This patient was a very horrible mean man. His wife and children had all been physically and mentally abused by this man. One of his daughters said that his disease was given to him by God because of the evil things that he did to his family. Needless to say he never got many visitors.

This patient hated woman and took great pleasure in doing nasty things to the nurses that tried to care for him. It got so bad that many of the nurses refused to care for him, and the rest of the nurses that would, drew lots on their shifts.

One week I drew the lot to be his nurse. After a particularly trying shift of caring for him, I entered his room to give him medication and wipe up the mess that he had made. During the whole time I was in his room he glared at me and a spot just behind me. Just as I was getting ready to leave, I asked the patient if there was anything else that he needed. He yelled at me to get out of the room, so I turned to leave. Suddenly he growled, "take that man with you." The hair stood up on my arms and on the back of my neck. I told the patient that there was no one else with me. The patient was perfectly coherent and yet he was seeing someone I was not. I asked him to tell me what he was seeing. He screamed at me not to be stupid and just take that man out of his room. He smiled evilly and stated that the man was going to catch his disease because he was not gowned and masked. By this time I was totally freaked and I left the room in a hurry. The patient continued to scream about the man in his room.

I sent one of the male nurses in to talk to him. By the time this nurse entered the room, the patient was sitting in his chair frightened. The patient said that the man that had entered the room with me had just disappeared.

The next day when I came on shift, I was told that I no longer had to care for this patient. During the night he had coded and died. I wish I had asked him what the angel of death looked like.

Hospitals are notorious for ghosts. The administration tries to keep the hauntings quiet. It would not be good for business or patient moral if patients knew that there was more than one soul in their private room. We have several hauntings throughout our hospital.

We have one room that we never use unless there is no other available. Whenever a patient is placed in this room, they will wake up and complain of a man sitting in their chair staring at them all night. We also have rooms where the TV's will turn on all by themselves, or call lights will go off by themselves.

One night I had one room that the call light went off constantly. There was no patient in that room however. Finally, I answered the call through the intercom system. I heard a woman ask me to come and give her something for the pain. I freaked, I thought oh no there really is someone in that room and I have not cared for them all night. I ran down to the room to find it totally empty, the bed made, and no one there in the surrounding rooms. I left only to have the light go off again five minutes later. I went down to the room, and this time told the room that I was really busy and had other patients to care for, please don't call again. The light did not go off again.

The other famous spirit in our hospital I have not seen, but she is so active that the floor she is on has been converted to offices and used only during the day.

During the night housekeeping and maintenance will hurry to get off the floor before the sun goes down, and poor security will only go up to this floor if there are two of them. The story goes that this floor had originally been the pediatric floor. A little girl had been admitted and had been allowed to go play in the play area by herself. Her parents had gone home for the night. The nurse providing her care went to look for her and found her dead in the play area. Ever since that time this small spirit does not know that she has passed on. She bounces balls against walls, she plays tricks on patients and staff, and she has even made herself visible to some people. One patient complained about the little girl playing with the elevators out side of his room all night. He wanted to know why no one was taking care of her.

Security one time came up to me white as a ghost. He told he had been up on the floor doing his rounds. No one was there, but as he was leaving all the doors began slamming shut behind him. Needless to say he did not stay long on the job.

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