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Angry Forever

Shyann, Maryland, USA
February 2000

Back in the sixties my mom bought a house from her sister who had built a new house across the street from the church she had been attending for many years. The house my mom bought was directly across the street from one of the largest graveyards in Louisville.

We pretty much grew up in that house and became "used" to the strange goings on, mainly because momma had an explanation for everything. We would sit in the kitchen and play cards for hours on end. Well, we were playing one night and momma told me to go into the living room and turn out the light. Now, I will tell you, when playing cards with my mom...don't turn your back when she is dealing!! Knowing this I ran in and hit the switch on the wall and the light went out and I ran back to the table. As we played a few minutes mom said to me, "I asked you to turn out that light!". "I did", I said as I got up to go do it again. When I approached the living room I had to stop midway in and call for mom. The ceilings in the house had been lowered many years before and there was no place in the ceiling for a light to be burning, yet the light was coming from the ceiling! My mom and two of my siblings came and stood by me and all four of us saw that light. It just turned itself out while we were standing there.

Another time we were all in the living room watching "Fright Night" on the T.V. and there was the loudest crashing sound that came from the kitchen you ever heard. It sounded like the cabinets fell off the wall!!! We all jumped up and ran into the kitchen and not a single thing was out of place!

My husband was stationed in Germany and me and my two kids were staying with my mom waiting for our orders to join him there. My newborn baby was asleep on the sofa in the living room and me and my two year old son were sitting at the dining room table writing to my husband. We were the only ones at home at the time. I heard a click and the door to the upstairs slowly opened and paused, then it slowly closed and clicked again. I was so shocked that I brought my son to the kitchen table to write and I was facing the window with my back to the dining room. I could see my mom and sister at the light on the corner and I couldn't wait for them to get home, because I was scared to death. Suddenly, I felt the weight of something placed on each side of my shoulders. I froze, couldn't move a muscle. I couldn't even turn around when my mom came into the back door. She came in talking and I was so scared I couldn't move. The feeling left me when she came in the back door, yet I couldn't move and I really wanted to!!! Mom came over and turned me around and said,"Oh, my god! And she sat me down in a kitchen chair..her exact words to me were..."he touched you didn't he?"

When my baby daughter was born me and my husband stopped at my mom's house on the way home and my mom, my baby sister and baby brother was standing in the hallway under the heat vent upstairs. I said,"What's going on?" And mom told me to Shhh and I did as I walked over by them. My mom asked, "Do you hear anything?" I did..I heard a radio playing and said so. Mom said, "There is no radio in this house!" I thought she was kidding and so I went upstairs and pulled the vent out from the floor and looked down at all four of them, mom, sister, brother and husband. I asked my husband if he heard anything and he said he could still hear a radio, yet I couldn't hear anything while I was up there. I thought, ok, the joke is on you and went downstairs to face the laughter...nobody was laughing. Then my mom asked me if I knew the song that was playing. I listened and realized the song was something from the twenties and I said so. The music stopped in mid sentence.

We have heard footsteps on the stairs as if someone was running up and down them, yet no one ever got to the door. The front door sometimes refused to remain shut and we all have witnessed the opening of that door many times. I have walked out of the kitchen to the living room for something just to find my saucer on top of my coffee cup! Or your fork would be standing straight up in a slice of bread or something. Things would stack themselves and stay that way, but when we would try to copy would be impossible.

Me, my mom and and older sister were sitting in the living room watching "Days of Our Lives" and we all heard someone call my mom's name from the back door. Mom not wanting to leave her soap would yell back to come on in. This happened four times, each time getting louder. The fourth time my sister went out the front door and around the house and I ran to the back door....nothing but my sister coming in...she didn't see anybody.

I was sitting with the same aunt that sold the house to my mom at a family reunion and I asked her about the house and why she didn't tell mom about it before she bought it. She called my mom over and said,"Your child has a question for you". I repeated myself. Mom said, "Well, I guess you are old enough to hear this...this is what he told me..."

In the mid to late twenties a man and woman lived in that house with their 15 yr old son. The woman died and the father was shattered by her death because it was a sudden death of some kind. He continued to go on with his life for the sake of his only son. It was late July and he left work two hours early due to a severe headache...when he arrived home he heard a commotion upstairs and could hear two people talking. He grabbed his gun and ran up the stairs to find his only son trying to get dressed as an older man was climbing out the window carrying his own clothes. The father shot and killed his only son before he turned the gun on himself. The father survived his attempt to kill himself and was in the hospital for a long time.

The same day he was released from the hospital..he went home and overdosed on the meds they had given him for depression. He lived long enough to confess to the murder, but had no intention to go on living. We don't know if both of these people are still in the house or just one.

My mom bought a beautiful house....all on one level. She swore she would never live in a house with an upstairs. The sad thing about this as far as I am concerned is, all three of these people are buried side by side across the street from the house that they all lived, laughed, loved and enjoyed life together, the same house that all three died in.

I can tell you plenty about that house and when I run out I have five other siblings that pick up and tell you their own experiences. I wonder if that poor man will go through eternity being angry.

Shyann, Maryland, USA
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