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Another True Vanishing Hitchhiker Story

Rebecca, NY, USA
June 2003

I'm very sure that many of you who are reading this are tired of vanishing hitchhiker stories, but I have to share this.

My grandma (or Baba) swears this happened, and she's very religious and doesn't lie.

You see, my Baba was born in Slovakia. Her mother died in childbirth. This story happened a few weeks later.

My Grandpa was driving his carriage home from church. On the way home, he'd always pass a cemetery. That day, when he looked at the cemetery, he was shocked to see a women holding something that looked like a baby in her arms. My Grandpa called out to her and asked her if she needed a ride. She nodded and stepped into the carriage. My Grandpa noticed that she was wearing a cloak and he couldn't see her face. She said her home was over a hill.

When they began to up the hill, the horses started going slower. Soon, it seemed like the horses where struggling considerably to get up the hill. It was almost like they were dragging something extremely heavy. My Grandpa turned around to ask the woman what she thought was going on, and was shocked to see that there was nothing there, only a wet spot on the seat. Right then the horses returned to normal speed and started walking home as if nothing had happened. That story might have been a bit cliche, but I liked it!

Rebecca, NY, USA
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