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Apartment 108

Troy, Johannesburg
January 2005

In 1998 I was living in Atlanta, GA (USA). My room mate and I had known each other from back home in South Africa, and were now living together in Apartment 108, (I will leave out the name of the complex to protect them). All was well and in the beginning the apartment had a nice warm feel to it. My parents arrived and his parents shortly after that and everyone told us that it was a great place and had a great feel to it.

One night my girlfriend Wendy came over and was watching T.V. I was in the shower and heard her screaming, I ran out and found her in the lounge, white as a sheet and crying, she told me that she was watching T.V. and in the glass reflection she saw someone looking at her with the most evil stare, I told her she was imagining things and she must relax.

One night I had just got into bed and turned off my lights, I normally lie in one position and then started tossing and turning to get comfortable, I was lying facing the window, and rolled over to get more comfortable, as I rolled over in the corner of my room just staring at me was the most evil thing I have ever seen in my life. It wasn't so much the look but, the evil and hatred radiating off it that was so scary. I was paralysed with fear. I then jumped out of my bed and started running for my room mate screaming, "Gavin, Gavin, get out of the apartment the devil is in my room!!!" Gavin, came running out his room, fell down and just started crying from the fear and the presence you could feel in the apartment.

That night two grown men slept in the same bed.

I started sleeping out at Wendy's as often as I could because I did not feel comfortable being in the apartment. One night while at Wendy's the phone rang and it was Gavin on the other line, saying that he was watching T.V. and he saw something in the reflection glaring at him. We decided to move out and although our lease was not up, we had no trouble getting out of the lease, which I found quite strange as once you have signed you are in for the duration of the lease.

About a year went buy and Gavin had bought a house, Wendy and I were a thing of the past and I was on a date, anyway after a few drinks the conversation lead to ghosts, I told the girl about what happened and where we used to live, all of a sudden she asked if it was apartment 108, I was shocked and told her it was, she then told that she had worked in the leasing office at that particular apartment complex, not too long after she arrived there, the young girl who used to live in that apartment committed suicide, her body was only found when she failed to pay the rent. My blood ran cold.

Troy, Johannesburg
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