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Are There Two Ghosts or One?

Michigan, USA
July 1999

We first noticed things starting to happen a few years after moving into our two story house. The TV would turn on when no one was in the room or the radio would. Once in a while the bathtub, which is upstairs would turn on full blast..while I was the only one in the house and downstairs at the time.

I used to think that the kids were getting up in the middle of the night to fix toast or chicken...because I would race down to see why, after smelling toast, after we had a big dinner they were fixing it, only to find no one in the kitchen and everyone asleep. As my daughter became older she told us that she always thought we were up making food and didn't invite her..because she could hear giggling all the time and some loud laughter..her bedroom is off to the side of the kitchen downstairs. Our bedroom is upstairs.

Speaking of our bedroom...I always had the feeling of someone sitting on my bed or breathing over me at different times..would turn on the light and no one was there. This happened many times. At one point the spirit made contact with me by grabbing my toes and pulling,along with pulling the covers off, waking me up from a sound sleep. Since I thought it was my husband, I yelled at him, only to find after turning the light on, that he wasn't there. He was downstairs watching television. I know it is a she because I have seen her. She showed herself to me by our upstairs bedroom, in the bathroom door, which used to be a bedroom. She is from the late or mid 1800's. High collar blouse, long in a high bun with ringlets on the side. I wasn't afraid of her and felt no threat. She does however, enjoy my husband's company.

My husband came racing downstairs one night scared to death...asking me if I had snuggled in bed with him at all. I said no that I have always been here...he said he had "felt me" slide into bed next to him and cuddle. When he reached over to put his arm around "me" he discovered it wasn't me at all and beelined downstairs. That's how I know it's a female.. We have smelled bouquets of flowers in the living room..when no one was there. The living room used to be a parlor for company. Maybe she used it for her beaus?

Hubby has heard a male voice call his name several times when he was the only one in the house. he hasn't seen the man...I have briefly..and it wasn't a pleasant feeling. I couldn't see him very clearly. Since hubby hasn't seen the "man" ghost he thinks there is only one here. you decide...

Michigan, USA
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