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Area 7

Stephanie, NM, USA
June 2005

I live in a small town called Shiprock, and it has a lot of history. Most of the residents here are American Indian, Navajo to be exact. Anyways we have a bunch of paranormal activity happening here. I mean A LOT! It seems every corner you turn its haunted. That is beside the point, the place I am going to tell of is called Area 7 and is very creepy even during the day (Area 7 is a hang out spot where teenagers go). I have heard countless stories about this place saying that trolls live down there, a unknown being, and some kind of entity. Recently something happened to my boyfriend.

He told me that one night he (Stan) and his cousin (Ben) went to this place to get some firewood (most of the residents don't have gas heaters, but have wood stoves). Okay a little description of the road. It is roughly a 10 mile stretch of paved road. At the beginning it is mainly farms and homes, as you get near the end of the road there are fewer homes and the land is mostly dirt, weeds, and junk. Then you hit a dirt road. Surrounding the road is tall trees, bushes and dead trees. The dirt road is very treacherous due to the rain we get here. My boyfriend told me that that part of the road was very green and beautiful but now its all dead.

So on with the story.

It was during the night maybe about 9:30PM and he said they started to chop at a tree. When they heard something moving the trees around and giggling. He said that it was moving all around them like whatever it was had a whole group with it. They continued to chop the wood because it was a very cold night. The activity continued until the thing got really close to them and laughed. Not an ordinary laugh, which has numerous tones, but more like a monotone laugh. My boyfriend and his cousin finished the wood chopping and got into their car and left. When he told me that, I got chills and my hair all stood up.

I have also heard stories from friends saying that they go there at night to hang out. All of a sudden their vehicle would not start and things would jump on the hoods or trunk. If the headlights are on then your would see a tiny people. Then some kind of being would stand by the driver's or passenger window and just stare at you. I've been there during the day and never felt anything.

Thank you for reading.

Stephanie, NM, USA
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