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Astral Projection and A Second Chance

Evangeline Juncadella, FL, USA
June 2007

The paranormal has always fascinated me tremendously which is why I am happy to hear and share the experiences of others, especially those of friends and family.

The following happened to my mother, who I find to be sensitive to strange happenings. She has told me several of her experiences but the most recent she has told me has to do with out-of-body experiences, a subject we lightly touched upon in conversation one day when she recalled her very own out-of-body experience.

It had been a typical work day, apparently, and that night, my mother was heavily exhausted from work. She turned in early and dropped instantly onto the mattress and slept deeply for several hours. After those few hours, she claims she felt a blissful sense of peace and relaxation; she had never felt quite so calm and rested before. She felt light and felt the sensation of floating and her mind was barely conscious. It was then that she opened her eyes and looked down upon something that frightened her--her own body. Staring upon her lifeless form, her peacefulness suddenly left her and her mind began to work and think again, no longer at rest. A voice inside her head, her voice, a voice she believes to be her conscience of some sort or some rational part of herself, spoke to her at that moment. "If you leave now, you won't come back," it said. "You're right," her soul replied and instantly with intense fear of death she united with her body once more. She said it was an incredible feeling to float and be at rest but that voice frightened her and brought her back to life. It's an experience she will never forget and if not for that voice she surely wouldn't be here today.

Evangeline Juncadella, FL, USA
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