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At The Bottom Of The Stairs

September 2001

A couple of years ago my husband and I packed up the kids (Lisa-7 and Kyle-5) and headed to Louisville, Ky. for a funeral. When we arrived we stayed with my sister-in-law (Debbie) and her husband (John) in their two story house. When you walk into the house there is a "formal" living room directly to your right. This room is never used except to store antiques and such that Debbie collects. Straight ahead of you is the staircase that leads to the second floor and at the top of these stairs is a bathroom. Also on the second floor is the bedroom we used during our stay. This is all relevant to the following story.

One day when I was there alone, I had just gotten out of the shower and was blow-drying my hair when I heard my son calling me. "Mama!". I turned off the dryer and heard him again in a hushed but very excited voice, "Mama!". I started down the stairs when I heard him call me a third time. That's when I realized the voice was coming from that room at the bottom of the stairs. It was his voice calling me but I was there alone. This freaked me out a bit. When everyone got home I chose not to say anything about it.

Two days later I was upstairs making our beds when I heard Debbie calling me. She called twice and I started down stairs when the third call came. You guessed it!! Her voice was coming from that room at the bottom of the stairs. I just kept right on moving and went into the kitchen where I found her coming from the basement with a basket of laundry.

During our stay we had bought a used car to bring back for my grandmother. When we headed back to Dallas we were in two cars. My husband drove one and the kids and I followed in the other. It was really late when we left. Kyle was asleep in the front seat next to me and Lisa was asleep in the back. We were on some dark Interstate in the middle of "God Knows Where" when Lisa sat up and said, "Mama, can I tell you something really weird that happened at Debbie and Johns house?" I was happy for the company and I said, "Let's hear it."

She told me that one day they were playing on the stairs and Kyle had to go to the bathroom. She sat at the top of the stairs outside the bathroom and waited for him. She said, "While he was in there I could hear him calling me. He sounded like he does when he's trying to get your attention but trying to be quiet at the same time." (there's that hushed, excited voice again). I still had not put two and two together until she said, "He kept calling me but he was in the bathroom and his voice was coming from that dark room at the bottom of the stairs." Well, I want you to know my insides turned to jelly and every hair on my body stood on end! I remained calm (for her sake) and told her that was weird then quickly changed the subject. I did not mention this to anyone for a long time. I eventually told my husband who then informed his sister that I thought her house was haunted. They had a good laugh about it. If it had just been me hearing the voices I would probably had just forgotten about it but Lisa heard them, too.

Thanks for listening.

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