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Attacked And Followed

Peggy Firth, NM, USA
August 2005

I worked in the basement of a Caltech campus building which had been periodically haunted by the spector of the upper half of a roofer who had fallen from the six story roof twenty years earlier.

On the day of the 6.0 Whittier earthquake of 1987 I arrived at the building an hour earlier than usual and took the elevator to the top floor where the snack bar was located. After buying a cup of coffee from the dispenser I strolled out of the snack room onto the penthouse balcony to gaze over the lovely campus. Just as I was about to take a sip of coffee the whole building jolted upwards and nearly knocked me off balance. Thinking the short earthquake could be a precursor to an even bigger earthquake, I turned to find my way to the stairwell. However, as I turned I was slammed to the tarmac so violently and swiftly that I had no time to break my fall with my hands.

As I struggled to crawl towards the stairwell I felt a sharp jabbing pain of my left ankle. I descended the stairs to the lobby and observed huge cracks in the corners and stumbled over chucks of plaster which had fallen onto the stairs. As I stumbled and limped through the lobby I encountered marble wall panels that had fallen and broken.

A few employees were huddled right outside of the building afraid to enter. When they saw me emerge from the building they called security and soon I was taken to the campus clinic. By the time I arrived I my left ankle was swollen and discolored and I could not put any weight on it. As I described the accident to the attending physician I could not account for the way I was injured since I was out in the open and completely removed from any objects.

Later as I drove myself home to Whittier I began to see more damage along the streets. It turned out that the epicenter of the earthquake had been in Whittier and my neighborhood looked like a war zone. Since aftershocks follow the larger earthquakes I decided to drive to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit a friend for a few days.

In the early morning darkness of my first night the doorbell rang, waking me and my hostess. As she turned on the porch light neither she not I could see anyone from the front window. We then shrugged and went off to bed. A couple of minutes later the doorbell rang again. This time we repeated our steps much more quickly in order to see if a prankster may be lurking about. Again we returned to our rooms only to hear the ringing repeated. Thinking the fuse box may be faulty, we determined which fuse to turn off to snuff the doorbell. As we settled back in our rooms the doorbell rang again in an oddly hollow ring. At that moment I began to realize that something must be trying to get our attention.

That morning I called one of the local spiritual practitioners to discuss this phenomena. She suggested that I come for an "entity healing" as soon as possible. Later that morning several practitioners came to sit in on the healing session. One of the practitioners picked up on a male who seemed lost and in need of direction. The group took turns directing their prayers of healing and lifting to this entity. One of them mentioned that lost souls often seek out those who are sensitive and spiritually aware.

When I returned to my basement office I was told by one of the long time employees that shortly before the building was completed one of the roofers had taken a fatal fall from the exact spot I was standing when his left ankle was caught in a coiled rope. His ghost had been seen by several of the employees over the years.

Could I have attracted the roofer while standing in the exact spot he died at the completion of the building during a major trauma to the building?

Peggy Firth, NM, USA
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