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Auction Car

Anonymous, PA, USA
October 2009

This is my mom's story, not mine. My mom has always been a "medium" for the supernatural. She's seen and communicated with spirits as well as her own guardian angel. She's also able to sense where these spirits reside.

When she was in high school, she had some guy friends that lived outside of town. She and her boyfriend at the time had never been to their house, and they invited them over to talk and hang out. My mom had agreed to go.

When they got to their friend's house, my mom immediately started feeling uneasy. She and my dad were only in the house for an hour before my mom said she couldn't stand it. They all walked outside and sat on the porch for a few minute while my mom explained what had happened. She said that when she got out of the car, she sensed a spirit in the trunk of their car. Her friends stood there completely awestruck. After a few seconds, they explained that they had gotten the car at a police auction, and, of course, the information about why the car was impounded is never released. They found out why the police sold their car to them.

After a few more minutes of getting over that shock, they asked my mom if there was anything else. She said that when she walked onto the porch at the beginning of the visit, she saw a cat hanging from the rafters on the porch. When she was in the house, she couldn't concentrate on what was being said because she kept hearing a cat screeching. Her friends didn't own a cat.

She laughs about the story now, but it doesn't change how she felt that night. She wasn't terrified, she just couldn't handle the situation.

Anonymous, PA, USA
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