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Axyl & Oscar

Karen, USA
July 2002

I don't know if this is even a ghost story, and its not that scary, although, when I think of what might of happened its scary to me.

In 1990 I quit my day job as a cosmetician and took my last pay check and bought a German Shepherd puppy. He was the runt of the litter and I bought him for a decent price. Well this "runt" grew into a huge German Shepherd that protected myself and my family with his life.

In 1998 I lost him due to cancer. I cried for weeks but at the same time I felt like he was still with me.

A few years later, I started my own new age store which was about a half a block from where I lived. One night, I worked later than usual and was about to lock up and head home for the night. I noticed a man watching me and my store and something about him made me very uneasy.

After some hesitation, I headed for home, after all it was only half a block. He followed me and then suddenly stopped. Surprised and relieved, I went home.

Two days later I was talking to the local police. I mentioned the man outside the store to them and how he scared me. They told me that they had arrested that man that night for robbing and assaulting a woman. Heres the weird part, I was the mans target. He was waiting for me to leave the shop. He told the police that if I wouldn't of had that huge German Shepherd walking with me that he would of got me instead of the other woman.

A few weeks later I adopted a very abused pup who I named Oscar. Every time, to this day, I look in his eyes, I see Axyl. I even slip and call him that sometimes,and, he responds to that name.

Did a ghost dog walk me home that night? Is the pup I adopted a reincarnation of him? I think so. And I feel very blessed to have my "big guy" still watching out for me.

Karen, USA
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