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Baby Doll

Dominika, FL, USA
April 2004

This story is completely true. It happened a couple of months ago (I'm 15).

My dad was on a trip in Africa and he sent me a doll. Yeah a doll. The truth is I didn't really like it (come on a doll?) But I was happy he remembered about me. With the package he sent a letter saying that that doll was special and it had some kind of magic in it. Of course I didn't believe it but my dad was a kind of person that actualy believed in that kind of stuff.

I took out the doll. It was made of this weird material, it had black hair and these really freaky big dark eyes and it looked like a baby. In one word, it was ugly. I went up to my room and threw it on my bed. Suddenly the phone rang. I ran downstairs and picked it up. It was my mom. She was in the hospital with my grandma who had a broken rib. She said that she'll come home quite late because she promised gran she'll stay until gran falls asleep.

I went up to my room. The doll wasn't on my bed. I was totally sure I put it there. But I had a short memory so I just shrugged, took my walkman and went downstairs. I usualy listen to music while watching TV but now I felt that something will happen I don't know how but I just had a this feeling. About 10 minutes later I heard a silent THUMP from upstairs. I was scared to go up and I thought I was imagining it because I was quite tired.

Once again I found myself in my quiet room, but there was something wrong with it. Yes, something was definitely wrong. That "thing" was laying on my bed with its big black eyes bearing into mine. It was smiling...I screamed and ran to the living room. I always got scared easily so this time I was hysterically scared. I mean just try to imagine this doll looking at you with an evil stare.

That evening I decided to go to sleep early because I wanted this day to end. At the same time I was scared to close my eyes. It was 6pm and dark outside. I lay down on the couch and turned on the TV. My eyes wanted some rest so I let them shut. Suddenly I heard this weird music. Like the kind babies have in their little toys, like high cute music. I don't know why I opened my eyes, but when I did that doll was sitting on the edge of the sofa. No sound came out of my throat, I was too terrified to even move. It kept smiling and smiling for about 10 seconds. The light went on and my mom came in. She ran to me. Just then I started screaming but the doll flopped down on the floor and its face went back to that normal stare.

I told my mom the story and she said that when she was my age she had the exact same doll.

That very night I threw the thing out and never saw it again. But for about a week I couldn't fall asleep.

I know that this story doesn't seem real but it is. I get goose bumps thinking about what happened just a few months ago...

Dominika, FL, USA
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