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Babysitting Can Get Scary

Trish, FL, USA
May 2004

I'm a teenager, a 15 year old teenager. As a teenager, I have expenses, and my Mother isn't always willing to pay for these, so I seek money in other ways. I baby-sit quite often for this lovely little couple who live in the apartment above me.

First, a bit of my history with the apartment above. I had never gone in it until I started baby sitting, but it always was a bit unnerving. I moved in around February of 2003. From the very first night, we heard something stomping around the floor at all hours of the night. Figuring the occupants were night owls, we just assumed they were noisy. However, they moved out not too long after we moved in, after we got used to their stomping. It was during summer vacation, so I was often on till the small hours of the morning, you know, 1 A.M, 2 A.M 3 A.M... And I still heard that stomping. It couldn't be a cleaning crew, it was too early... But I heard something.

Well, when I got my job as baby-sitter for this devilish ( not literally) four year old who now occupied the apartment now, I was uneasy the moment I walked in. Just something irked me about this house. I ignored it, figuring it was just my imagination running away with me. When the parents left, things went all right for a bit. However, soon I was sitting in her room playing barbies with the little girl, and I got this scary feeling that something else was in the room with me. This feeling got progressively worse until I just persuaded the girl to go and watch TV in the main room. Almost immediately when I stepped out, I felt better. Like I was safe.

Well, a few times later and I got that same feeling. Well, I ignored it. However, one weekend the parents were going to a business trip, and asked me to stay over there and watch their four year old for the weekend. I agreed, the money would be great.

Around 10 P.M that night, we were in the little girl's room, and I got that feeling, stronger then ever. The power had surged. Once the lights came back on, there was this 'peek-a-boo'. The little girl had a toy that says 'peek-a-boo' and it sounded just like it. The only problem with it, is the toy is up on a shelf above her head, and it's alone. To get it to say 'peek-a-boo' you have to practically beat on it's stomach. I was in a panic, and scooped her up and bolted from the room.

1 A.M came around, and I decided it would be best to put her to sleep in her bed. When I had gotten her in her bedroom to put on her pajamas, she started to scream and cry. Telling me "there is in monster in her room, she didn't want to go in. It pushes on her tummy when she's trying to sleep and she doesn't like it.". I, a strong believer in the paranormal, slowly backed up away from the room, with her clinging to my leg. I shut the door, as it gave me a false sense of security that it would contain whatever was in her room.

Later that night, she fell asleep on the couch, and I fell asleep too. I'm not sure if this was just my imagination whisking me off again, but I had this dream, that some dark, shadowy mound was sitting on her chest, with strands of it creeping for her neck. She was asleep, however. I bolted awake not long after I had that dream, scooped her up, and whisked her off down to my house, where she remained for the rest of the weekend.

Also, she has been known to be in a room, and she'd scream "STOP HITTING ME PATRICIA!". I always assumed she was just being annoying. But sometimes I wonder...

To this day, I will not stay in that house past dark.

Trish, FL, USA
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