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Backwards Feet

Vineeta Singh, NSW, Australia
April 2000

This happened when I was 10 years old. My parents were not at home. I was alone with my 6 year old sister. I was upstairs in my room when I suddenly heard my dog barking very loudly. I quickly came downstairs and looked out the window. I didn't see anything but then I saw someone in the far corner of my yard where my dog was. I quickly went to the other window and there was an old woman in a white dress looking at my dog very angrily. Her eyes were very red so I looked down at my dog but then my eyes caught her feet. They were backwards!!!!. I was in such a big shock that I didn't know what to do. I kept looking at her with my mouth hanging open and then suddenly she looked up at me with her red eyes. Then she quickly went and disappeared behind my house. From that happening I never stay alone, especially at night.

Vineeta Singh, NSW, Australia
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