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Banshee Encounter

Anonymous, Dublin, Ireland
March 2013

When I was a little girl, about 9, my father used to frighten me by telling me stories about the Banshee. He had is own personal encounters which he was telling me about as well.

One fine night he went on to tell me more about the Banshee, and I thought that it was fake. I thought wrong. A few nights after those stories, I had forgotten everything and all was well. It was the middle of the night when I was fast asleep in bed when I was awoken to a piercing wail that was extremely loud and sorrowful. It was a cry that I had never ever heard before!

Being brave, I crept over to my window and peered through the curtains. An old woman with pure white hair down to her bottom was perched on the swing of our swing set in the back garden. She was running her fingers through her hair as she wailed. I froze in terror. I wanted to look away, yet I was to in awe to. I screamed for my mother and father in the room across the hall from me, but I kept my eyes glued to the woman sitting on my swing.

My father burst through the door and ran over to me asking why I was up out of bed and looking outside. He spun me around so I was making direct eye contact with him, and he took my hand and walked me to his room. As I walked with him, I looked back and the wailing stopped, and the woman grooming her long hair sitting on the swing had vanished. I started to cry harder due to the fact that I was even more freaked out. I crawled under the sheets of my parent&rquo;s bed, and my mother and father soothed me.

The next morning my father found out that our neighbor&rquo;s son passed away in their house that night. My mother and father heard it as well but didn&rquo;t want to tell me what I heard was actually the Banshee.

Anonymous, Dublin, Ireland
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