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Basement Ghost (3)

New York, USA
July 1998

Hi, I live in the basement of my parents house and I've lived their ever since I was a teenager. I was watching t.v. one night while lying in bed, and at about 11pm or so while watching tv, I heard a strange noise it sounded like someone had kicked or had thrown something into the room, I looked to see what it was if it was anything at all. Then when I turned towards the back of me I saw a girl standing there who looked like she was between 15 to 18 years old or so. At first I was surprised to see her and didn't think It was a ghost or anything like that, when I saw her she was looking at me with her hands folded, she looked kinda thin, her face was very white and she had on a short sleeved white dress that went down to her ankles, the dress had a strange pattern on it, she had no shoes on, her hair was very black and in a pony tail in front of her, she had what looked like dazzling brownish red eyes that seemed to sparkle a bit. She looked kinda upset over something and I didn't know what. When she saw me looking at her she turned her face and looked on the floor of my room, my room was in a total mess. After looking at the mess she then looked at me and unfolded her hands. She then said something, she was talking but I couldn't hear her but I somehow 'understood or felt what she was saying, which was very weird, she said what felt like, 'I'm just here looking for something, go to sleep'. After she said that I felt my self falling asleep pretty fast, while falling asleep I took one last look at her and she turned her face towards the mess in my room, then I woke up about 3 hours later, after I woke up I thought that maybe this person was still there, but I didn't see her, I got up and looked into the closet and didn't see her. After looking underneath the bed I realized that it had to be a ghost. I wasn't scared at all when I saw her at first, I was just curious who she was and where she came from and what she was doing in my room at 11 o clock at night. All the doors were locked at the time. I was baffled and got really scared, I ran upstairs and woke my mom up and told her what happened, she told me that was impossible. I was afraid to fall asleep so I stayed up all night for the next couple of days.

At another time my uncle came over to my house to spend a couple of days. He stayed in another room, a room that wasn't in the basement, about 2 days afterwards and at about 1 oclock in the morning, a voice woke him up and asked him if he wanted to buy candy, he said he then saw a brown basket and the voice of a girl asking him. He didn't want any candy and told whoever it was to leave him alone, the girl kept asking him a couple of times, then disappeared. He said it sounded like a girl selling candy for school. He was shocked at what had happened and left the house a few days later. At another time about a year or so later, we had this old glass cabinet or something like that in the basement in a different location from where I was in the basement, so after taking a shower one night I just happened to look straight ahead and looked into the glass which had a strange reflection on it, I went closer and saw what looked like a couple of guys sitting around a table or something drinking when I looked at them they all looked at me, I then told myself this isn't happening and I went into my room. Usually I don't see anything in the glass reflection but in another night it happened out of the blue while trying to get something in the back, and happened to see a man face in every detail with a red hood over his head, he looked like he was from the middle ages or something and was looking into where I was in the basement and into this world, he looked curious like he was looking into a crystal ball and he was seeing me and everything around me, but I was seeing him too, after that I ran upstairs and just stayed up there after thinking it was the devil. My story is 100% true and totally real, you can come to my house anytime....

New York, USA
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