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Basement Haunting

Jenny, ILL, USA
December 2002

Hey Everyone, I have lived in the house I currently live in for all my life, 21 years to be exact. My house is haunted.

The main places I have had things happen to me have happened in the bathroom, my bedroom, living room, and most recently the basement. Some background is needed so you get the feel of my house.

My room is upstairs, as is the bathroom. You have to pass the bathroom to get to my bedroom. My Mom's room is on the main level and my brother sleeps in the basement. On to the stories.

One morning I was downstairs on the main level doing home work. My brother rushed up stairs in hurry and looked at me. He said "I'm glad that dad came by and woke me up otherwise I would have been late for school." My dad doesn't live with us. My brother and I were the only ones home. I said "Mark, dad hasn't been here today." My brother goes, "Yes he has, he knocked three times on my door and said 'are you going to sleep all day?' You must have missed him" With that he went to shower. I had been downstairs early that morning when my mom left and I hadn't moved from the computer since that time. My dad never came over, he was at work. So what ever woke my brother up was not my dad, nor did it come through any of the doors to get to the basement.

Another time I was heading down to do laundry and I went to grab the basement door handle, it flew open followed by a rush of cold, not cool, but cold air. The rush of air was fast enough to blow my hair like I was standing in a wind storm. No windows were open in the basement or any other part of the house. As the wind rushed past me my dog bark/yipped like it was in pain and charged down the basement stairs. She doesn't usually go down there. After that I was downstairs doing laundry in the basement, and I felt the hairs on my neck stand and breath blow past my ear. I ignored it and about five minutes later I heard chuckling in my ear. I was the only one home. As my brother had left for school and my mom was not yet home. I only go in the basement if I HAVE to do laundry. Other than that I stay the heck away from the basement.

I have had many more things happen to me and my best friend. But whatever is in the basement creeps me out the most.

Jenny, ILL, USA
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