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Bathroom Bogeyman

Sara, CA, USA
August 2003

My husband Joseph and I (Sara) have both had many experiences with the unexplained. Joseph and I had moved into our apartment the 1st of August 2001. We had always felt a little strange about this place. The first time something happened was about two months after we moved in on a Thursday.

Joseph was working late as usual. I just came home from my mothers and sat down to watch Friends. I started getting an odd felling from the hall and I decided to turn on the hall light (which the switch is right at the beginning of the hall). I sat back down and the light started flicking on and off but there also was a clicking sound. I could see from were I was sitting that the light switch stayed on. So I quickly turned off the switch thinking that there was an electrical problem. I got a little freaked out so I went to my husbands work and talked myself out of it possibly being anything other than and electrical problem.

When we got home it was late and we tried to turn the light on by the switch but it wouldn't come on. Well I waited until Saturday to look into it. I took the glass cover off and tried to fiddle with the light bulb and turn it back on and it didn't work. Well then I noticed that on the bottom of the light there was a turn switch and I turned the wall switch and then the turn switch and it turned on. I decided to turn in quickly, I got goose bumps because it was exactly what I heard that night.

Ever since I'll be in the shower, which is right off of the hallway. From the shower you can see the hall light. I will see someone walk from the bedroom and I would call out my husbands name thinking it was him, but then he would come out of the bedroom. My husband started noticing that our two cats would meow at the hallway and at the closed bathroom door. One of the cats (Mimi) will scratch at the door and the carpet under the door for no reason.

One day Joseph was sitting in the same spot I was when I was watching Friends and Mimi was meowing at the closed bathroom door and she started playing with something under the door. Then he said it looked like something grabbed her paw from inside the bathroom, which made her fall on her side and was pulled into the door. Mimi started screaming and as Joseph got up to help her she got loose and ran away. He opened the door and there was nothing there.

Last winter I was in the shower at about 8:30 pm and Joseph was at work. It was really steamy and out of the corner of my eye I noticed hand prints starting to show up on my mirror as I'm looking at it. I normally leave the bathroom door open so I was trying to rationalize a breeze from the hall was coming in, in such a way that was causing hand print like marks. Right as I had myself convinced that it was just a draft, my shower curtain was pulled all the way open. I was frozen. About 2 seconds later the door slammed shut. I just curled up in a ball at the bottom of the shower sobbing. I don't remember much after that but I heard Mimi start meowing at the door. I don't know how long I was in there but it couldn't have been that long since we only have about twenty minutes of hot water. I got up and grabbed a towel and left out of the garage door. I went to my husbands work and called him from my cell phone and told him I was in the parking lot. I had a blanket in the car so I was covered in a towel and blanket. I told him what had happened. He told me we were not leaving there as we really couldn't afford to leave, so now I just refuse to come home after work until he comes home.

The only history I know about this place is that it was a house before a fire destroyed it about five years before we moved in. My father, being a firefighter, I asked him to look into it and he found the report but no one was killed. Sorry it was so long.

Sara, CA, USA
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