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Bearer or Warning?

Mary L., New Jersey, USA
February 2007

Back in the 1980's, when I was twenty-something, my Mom went on a trip to Europe, leaving me to "tend the fort" at our older ranch style home in Ocean City, New Jersey.
This was bought as a "summer" residence when I was 10 years old, and now our permanent home, so I was well familiar and comfy with my surroundings.
I couldn't wait for my Mom to get home to tell her that I was in love! He was the brother of a dear friend of mine, who had been in some trouble in the past, but now that we were going to be together everything would be bliss!

I was home alone one night, bored, and after watching TV, went to bed with an old favorite book. I switched off the lamp on the wall above my bed and went to sleep. My bedroom was small, in the front of the house, and I slept in a single bed. On the left of my bed was a window, under which was a radiator, with my bed being about 6 inches from that. Three feet from the foot of my bed was another window, which contained an air conditioner. Both windows had venetian blinds and curtains.
Something woke me about 3 AM. I was sleeping on my back, and happened to turn my head to the left towards the window. Somehow, something was there, in that 6 inch space between my bed and the window! I thought at first that it was the pattern on the curtains playing tricks with my eyes, but the more I looked, the more I could see its shape. It was an opaque black hooded figure, and I knew it was staring directly at me. Afraid to move, (because if you move they'll know you're awake, and then what...?!) and really being aware of it, I saw that it's hood came down behind its head into a half-moon shape. Somehow I also sensed that it wore gloves.
Moving ever so slowly, I turned my head to the right, thinking I would feign sleep, and it would go away. A few agonizing seconds later I looked again, and it was still there! I did the same move again, and it was thankfully gone! No motion was ever faster than mine as I turned on that over bed lamp! It stayed on till the sun was well up.

I never saw it again, thank God! But my "love" turned out to be a heroin addict and I had the worst 3 years of my life trying to "rescue" him! I was still close to his family, and found out later from his father that there is some kind of "family spirit", same description, that actually scared the father so badly that he jumped off a one and a half story porch. The only difference was that his version had glowing red eyes! I'm glad my version was kinder to me!!

Mary L., New Jersey, USA
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