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Becoming Restless

Rachael, Lancashire, UK
July 2012

I have written to CoS before and often after witnessing something everything dies down, albeit not for long.

Last month (June) my parents went on holiday and whilst they're away either me or my sister will sleep in their bedroom with our dog, to basically keep him happy. He's a very clingy dog. One night I was lying in bed and I went to get my phone as I couldn't sleep and wanted to check the time. However as soon as I opened my eyes all I could see were unusual orbs of coloured light (yellow, green, blue) flying around the room. I sat there just watching this unusual display and within a few seconds it was over. I at first thought it may have been a car but my window was ajar and I didn't hear a car go past and upon checking no car was driving down the street (my street is quite long and the car would have still been there).

I didn't really think much of it and carried on as normal. It was only after my parents came back did things start to pick up. I was at my friends one night, it was the weekend so I usually go to her place. I came home around 11 pm to my sister saying she had a ghostly experience. I made her sit down and tell us and she told me that the night before, she was trying to sleep but she woke up at 3:30 am. She was lying on her stomach and felt something on her back, it took her about 10 minutes to finally turn over but just before she did she heard a "Boo" whispered into her ear. She actually thought it was me playing tricks on her as we usual tend to hide in each others rooms and attempt to scare one another, but when she realized no one was in the room she went and got back into bed. Around 10 minutes later she started hearing a penny drop repeatedly in her room (she doesn't leave loose change out). She said she started to get freaked out and got up and checked out in the hallway but couldn't find anything. She kept trying to get back to sleep but she kept thinking someone had walked into her room (me or our mum) but again no one was there.

After she told us this story my mum proceeded to tell us that she often hears things in the night, people walking or someone calling out "Mum" and she thinks it's me or my sister so she will go to check on us. I have witnessed her come into mine and my sisters room before asking if we wanted her but we hadn't said a word. That's when I also noted that I often hear people shout my name and will go to the landing and shout to see if I was wanted but I never am.

This is a bit long winded and I apologise, however it has become apparent to me and my sister that for some "odd" reason what ever has been with us all this time has started to get restless again. We hadn't witnessed anything it almost a year, we're not even sure what could of kicked it off.

Oh well if anything else happens I will certainly be sharing it with CoS!

Rachael, Lancashire, UK
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