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Bed and Breakfast

Brittney, VA, USA
October 2016

Let me start by giving a short backstory explaining why I was in said place and why I was with who I was with. I won’t mention names and the place that we stayed to protect their privacy. The place where everything occurred doesn’t really like to have their paranormal phenomenon brought to light so as not to affect their business. To be honest I always thought this was really funny because they hold "ghost tours" in the house, but I digress. This isn’t an incredibly scary story for those just reading it but worth a share I think.

I’m a paranormal fanatic and have done work in the modeling field from time to time. I was asked by two friends to go stay in a bed and breakfast and model in some of the period clothing to help promote their website as well as keep for our personal portfolios. One of the two friends is a photographer and the other is a pretty well respected paranormal expert who has investigated this place multiple time with groups. After getting the story of the house I decided I would go and after we finished our work, we would try to catch some EVP recordings and try to reach out to the spirits. Something that I have never done but have always wanted to try. The owner of the house let us have the entire house to ourselves since she knows my friend so well and trusted that we wouldn’t burn the place down. There we’re also no visitors that night so us three had the entire house to ourselves.

A brief history of the house: Built in the 17-1800’s and was the home of a slave owner. It was kept in as good shape as possible given it’s a historical building. Renovated to have faux fireplaces in each room and very authentic period relics, clothing, and beds kept inside.

All throughout the day I noticed a few things that caught by eye. Small things like a picture frame moving before my eyes and a chandelier shaking while there was no one moving it. I just chalked it up to the house being old. After we finished our work we decided to sit in the living area to rest and have a beer or two. Then a strange feeling of nausea hit me. It was very odd because it didn’t start happening until we sat in the living area. I noticed that there was a faint cigar smell and asked my paranormal friend if she noticed it. She then told me that the room we were in was believe to be the "sitting room" back when the owners we’re still alive and they would have their cigars and drinks in that room. She also stated that during some of the ghost tours people have also mentioned this. I decided that we should leave the room and go sit outside. The nausea wore off within a minute. I wasn’t bothered by any of this because, hey, I knew what I was getting into. After a beer or two we decided to hook up the EVP recorder and explore the house. We visited every room including a room where Jeb Stewart (look him up) was known to have stayed in at some point. We asked all of the basic questions that you could think to ask a spirit.

The last room we went in was the room that Jeb stayed in. I noticed that the "fireplace" was on. Funny thing is, none of us had been in that room until that point when we all went together. Again, I ignored it and went about my business. My friend mentioned that female visitors during the paranormal investigations have complained about a feeling that they are being groped. Of course, with the EVP recording device glued to my hand and head, I tried talking. Nothing. We went on for about 30 minutes and gave up. Maybe I was too eager? I mean, I was really begging for any trace of afterlife. Anything would have sufficed for me. Still nothing. At this point it’s probably around 10pm. We settled down and decided to bunk up in the same king sized bed. Less cleaning for the owner the next day since we were staying for free. After a bit more chit chat we all passed out with the tv on. That’s when things got weird.

I woke up I’m going to guess between 2-4am. The tv had automatically cut itself off because it was on a timer so I had been asleep for a little while. We kept one of the lamps on in case we needed to get up and use the restroom so you could clearly see throughout the room. When I awoke I was covered in sweat. It felt like I had been dreaming a bad dream and suddenly woke up and couldn’t move a muscle. I stared blankly at the ceiling until I started to hear a tapping noise coming from across the room near the fireplace. A very faint tapping noise that sounded a lot like fingernails tapping on a window. It started out slow and started to move towards me. At this point I’m freaking out. Mostly because I was paralyzed in the bed and had just woken up. The closer it got, the louder and faster it got when suddenly it felt as if the noise was right next to my ear. Then, nothing. At some point during the noise I closed my eyes. I opened them and looked directly at the ceiling. A small black shadow moved very swiftly from one end of the bed to the other. Eyes closed again. Nothing to report after that except for the fact that as time went on, it got more and more unbearably hot but I was terrified to even move, much less take the covers off. I wanted to wake up one of my friends but I felt like I couldn’t even speak. I think after about two hours I finally saw what looked like the night turning into dawn and I fell into what felt like one of the deepest sleeps. I didn’t hear my friends when they woke up and finally around 10 the next morning I woke up. I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. My body was so tired but I forced myself out of bed to get some coffee. My friend who is the paranormal expert looked at me and asked how I slept. "Awful." I said to her. I asked if either of them had woken in the night at all and neither of them did. Not even for a bathroom break.

She looked at me and said, "I know. I went upstairs when I got up this morning to pack up all of my EVP equipment. While I was packing I heard a very faint voice say "We came to visit her last night."

Now, let me just say, normally I would call BS on this story really fast. But, how could she have known I had any kind of visitor during the night when she hadn’t woken up to see my whole episode? How could she have known that before I even had a chance to tell them the story of what happened to me? After we left I felt I huge relief. I was so tired I fell asleep during the long ride home and was hesitant for a while to even talk about it. Maybe it’s because this was my first real paranormal experience. I have no idea. All I know is whatever happened that night and whoever tried to contact me scared me for a good while. It doesn’t seem so scary now but during the experience I’ve never been so terrified.

I’ve been invited to go on another paranormal trip to an old sanatorium. I’m hesitant...

Brittney, VA, USA
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