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Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

Caitlin, Victoria, Australia
October 2010

Every Easter my parents and I go camping up near Beechworth, and as the title read it’s there we discovered a ghost tour based in the old lunatic asylum. Ever since I was young both my parents have explained to me about the paranormal, as my mum seems to be a beacon to activity. Nothing odd as ever really happened to me that I somehow have been able to logically explain except for the night we went on the ghost tour.

I was already nervous and a bit worried, as the idea of stepping foot into an old asylum just sent chills down most people’s spine. The beginning of the tour we were shown the entrance to the asylum and taken inside and explained how people got into and out of the institute. While we were standing in one of the rooms which used to be a doctor's, an overpowering scent of embalming fluid filled the room.
The guide seeing people’s faces turning pale laughed and told us to expect more to come. The tour steadily went on, the constant feeling of being followed and watched lingered.
We got to a ward in which they kept most of the criminals and as soon as you stepped over the threshold you kept consumed by and unexplainable wave of hatred. Once we stepped out of that ward everything seemed fine, you could hear the wind and crickets even hear yourself breathe. That once again unsettled me.
Finally we got to another ward which was used to "fix" the mentally ill. Before we went in the guide did state that this building did get the most reactions out of people and if you felt ill at any point you could leave and wait outside. We entered the room in which the patients slept, the old metal bed frames lay in the same positions as they had been left. Gathering in a circle to listen to the horrible tales of what occurred in the building, I suddenly felt one of my hair extensions being pulled. (Quick note: My hair extensions are the ones you glue onto the roots which means you do feel it, I was also wearing a beanie at the time as it was rather cold). My first instinct was to slap the back of my head, as I honestly thought it was my father trying to scare me. No even five minutes later it happened again but a little hard, once again I slapped the back of my head, but this time I turned around to yell at my father thinking it was of cruel intention to scare me, only to find no one there. I turned back to the guide and quickly scanned the area to find my father, noticing he was standing a good four metres away from me. Needless to say I was scared, but I rationalized the situation and just told myself it was my beanie caught on the extension. The guide was still talking and explaining the torture methods when once again my extension was pulled but this time it was really strong and I almost fell backwards, both with fright and with the force. That is when I decided to move closer to everyone else and try and ignore what was playing with me. We then began to move on towards the morgue, but I sense something had latched onto me as for the rest of the night I felt utterly helpless and depressed.
Once the tour had ended my parents and I jumped into our car and headed back to the camp site. I was still an emotional wreck, I kept crying on and off without reason and this did baffle my parents -I had not yet told them what happened, they did assume I was just scared.
However the next morning I woke up and was walking towards the bathrooms when my mother came up behind and pulled on the extensions which I can tell you made me jump almost five metres in the air. That’s when I told her what had happened and how I was trying to find logic within it, but when my mother had pulled that extension and it felt exactly how it felt the night before I have no logical explanation but a patient who was trying to get my attention and got it.
If anyone else has had a similar experience, please feel free to e-mail me as I feel that some answer would be great. Also up to this day that wave of depression comes and goes but before the tour I had always been so happy and go lucky so if someone has any ideas or such please let me know.

Caitlin, Victoria, Australia
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