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Better Run Real Fast!

Dakota, USA
April 1999

When I was younger, I lived in the small logging town, of Aberdeen,Wa. I was eighteen at the time this story took place. I ran my own maid-service and had a lot of wealthy client's. One in particular was an old widow, her late husband was one of Aberdeens first laywers.Lets call her, Mrs. A.. She was a thin little woman, with a way to big of a house to care for. That's where I came in.

The first time I cleaned for her things went fine, then I asked her where her cleaning rag's where, she took me down to her basement.The basement was very dark, and very long, even the rows of stringed lights didn't help the feeling of something or someone, watching. I think the worst thing down in the basement was this hideous goat head. It seemed to me the eye's were watching me. Her late husband had shot and killed, and stuffed the poor thing, himself. The next two times I cleaned for her, she would leave me note's on her front door, like errands she had to do. So there I'd be left alone, but not feeling alone at all.

When I would clean upstairs around her room and personal things I felt very uneasy, like I wasn't wanted there at all. Like"GET OUT". The third time I cleaned was the worst of all. When I arrived at Mrs.A's house I noticed the clouds around her home, looked really dark compared to the rest of the sky,around me? I began cleaning as normal, with little notes she had left me with. Then I had to go down to the basement, for rags.. (big mistake!).

I went down the stairs and the lights were already on for me. I started to reach for the rag's in the basket, only to stare at the ugly old goat's eye's, then my ears started to ring? I felt a real warning, something was very wrong.. I had the rags in my hand and looked at the strings of lights, they were turning off one at a time, starting from the opposite side of the basement, and comming towards me. My ears were still ringing, and a voice in my head said, "you need to run, real fast!" I did just that. I ran upstairs and called my older sister. She knew that I had, had other encounters with the paranormal, and that I was vulnerable to that sort of thing. First she asked if I was all right, then she told me to write Mrs.A a letter of why I left so abruptly. I did.

The next day I drove back and talked outside to Mrs.A. She told me she had lost three other maids in the past months, they could never be reached by her. I told her I knew why! I recount my story to her, and added my opinion, that either her husband loved her very much, and wanted to watch over her still. Or that he didn't want any strangers in the house. I continued to work for Mrs.A, on the condition she always be present when I came to clean. That job lasted two years. When I quite my business I bought her a big basket of flower's.

Dakota, USA
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