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Black Lady

Florida, USA
April 1999

This happened to me, my mom, and my aunt during the summer a couple of years ago.

We were staying at my aunt's house. I was in another room watching television. It was around eleven pm. I suddenly felt a feeling in the room, sort of like a heavy blanket on me. I thought that was very odd. I soon forgot about it and went to bed. The next morning I told mom about it and she said that at eleven she had woken up and looked towards my aunt's bed and saw a black figure of a woman leaning over the bed. She thought it was my aunt but then noticed her asleep in the bed. The figure looked at mom and disappeared.

During that summer I also saw a rocking chair move on it's own, a toilet flush by itself, and my dead grandma standing in the hall outside the bathroom at my house. I've always felt uneasy in my aunt's house, especially in her room where the black lady appeared. My aunt says she can hear voices arguing in it and someone once clapped in her ear while she was reading on her bed.

Florida, USA
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