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Bloody Mary Experience (1)

Sammy, UK
January 2005

My name is Sammy (short for Samantha!) I'm 19 years old, and my younger sister aged 13 asked me to share her experience with you. I was with her at the time, so I know exactly what happened. Before I begin, this story is 100% true!!!

The other day, my sister had been in the shower, and was dried off and getting ready to leave the bathroom, when she saw the mirror all misted up. Of course, she thought it was because she had had a shower. I was waiting to get in the bath, and Sarah had the door open. As she wiped the mirror, she saw a face staring back at her, and her reflection was NOT in the mirror. The face was bleeding, and had black hair. The skin was a whitish-grey. As soon as Sarah saw it, she screamed her lungs out! I grabbed her hand and ran for the lounge, by this time, my poor sister was in floods of tears! She asked me what it was, and I said that I didn't know. We went back to see if it had gone. We looked in the mirror, and it had gone! I sensed that whatever it was, was still here somewhere. I was right, we went in to my room, and there it was sitting on the windowsill! We both screamed, and we couldn't run, as we were frozen with fright!

Then we noticed this apparition was a woman, and she pulled something out of her pocket, it looked like a medieval knife of some sort, but it was VERY sharp! Sarah had gone, and it was just me by myself with this thing. As it got closer, I was shaking, and suddenly everything went black, and I passed out.

When I came round, I found Sarah turning around three times, while chanting "Bloody Mary, GO AWAY!!" I thought she had gone crazy with shock or something, but the "thing" just went after that! Sarah was still in shock. But she showed me a book on "Kings and Queens of England and Scotland" And the page had Mary Queen of Scots in it, and it looked almost exactly like the ghost. I asked Sarah if she had done Bloody Mary that day, but she said no, and that she didn't believe in ghosts until now! We haven't seen anything spooky since then, but we are still careful when we go in to the bathroom!

Sammy, UK
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