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Bob & George

Heather, IL, USA
May 2005

When I was 7 we moved into my current house. We have lived here for 9 years and things were ok up until 3 years ago.

It wasn't really noticable that anything was actually happening. For some reason scary things have always somewhat fascinated me. So I love to read scary stories and watch horror movies. I am just that type of person. Well anyway, about 3 years ago my dad moved out of the house to go work in Ohio so we didn't have to move. A little while after my dad left things started happening. It started out as really stupid things. My mom and I would sit something down and walk away for a moment. The second we returned the item would be missing. We would look forever trying to find the item and then it would turn up in the one area we looked a million times. So starts the story of Bob and George.

We always considered Bob and George nice ghosts that really only liked to play practical jokes. Just do weird stuff to make us seem a little off. So whenever anything happened we would blame it on Bob and George. Well here, within the past couple months, I think we have added a new ghost to the family. His name would be Fred. Fred of course is the not so nice ghost. It was just really dad who currently has found a job close to home and moved back has even noticed a change. Like he will get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and he will swear someone is talking to him. He comes and checks on all the family members and everyone is snoring.

The only time anything really freaky happens is when someone is alone in the house or at night. Something always seems to keep someone in my family awake. While laying in bed staring at the ceiling many of my family members have often swore at seeing a shadow move across the ceiling. Something that's not really a pleasant thought it my book.

I think my worst encounter would have to be when I was home alone the other night. I was downstairs on this computer and I was talking to my friends. Now in my house the floor is really squeaky and we have a rocking chair that makes the floor squeak whenever someone sits in it and rocks back and forth. The cats like to run through the house and across the chair and so I have come to know the difference between a person walking upstairs and an animal.

Well the other night when I was downstairs the cats were all asleep on the rug and I had the door shut and no one was home. I was typing away when I heard something RUNNING through the house. I immediately froze. Then whatever was upstairs stopped running and just walked around. Trying to rationalize myself I thought my parents had come home for some reason. I walked upstairs and walked around the house and no one was there. I keep my bedroom door shut so I didn't really check in there until I heard the door shaking. It usually only shakes when I have the window open and the suction of the wind makes it I open my door thinking I left a window open and all the windows were closed but my room was freezing. I quickly got back online and told my friends I had to go. I called up my best friend and left the house and spent the night with her. Now I cannot stand to be in this house alone.

Heather, IL, USA
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