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Bobby Has A Roomie

Faith, NSW, Australia
October 2009

I have previously (in 2007) posted another experience of mine titled 'Who is Bobby', and this is a sort of follow up with new information.

To give a brief description of past events, my daughter Emily (now 7) and I were living at my mother's house after she was born in 2002. From early on she would laugh at empty corners and later would talk of the boy called Bobby. Things were moved around a lot and duplications of odd things like home movies were common.

I moved in 2005 to a new home and Bobby followed, throwing keys at guests and slamming doors. In 2006 I had my second daughter as Emily started to talk less of Bobby. By the time my second daughter Beej was 1 year old she was off talking to Bobby too, giving the same sight description as Emily had done. but Ems could not see him anymore.

In early June this year my daughters and I (and Bobby) returned to my mother's house while I look for a new house. Straight away Beej (now 3) began telling everyone that visited about 'the kid with the hat' who liked jumping on my bed with her. On asking her where he is she can always point him out, whether he is under a bed, in the kitchen or sitting next to her.

I asked her once, what had happened to the kid with the hat, and she looked to her bed for a moment, then replied he had been on the road and a car bumped him and he went round and round and his leg nearly fell off and he hit his head.

On the subject of Bobby, he is still with us and has decided he likes playing games with us, mostly centered around a lamp in my mother's room. When I turn it on, he turns it off, over and over. We play for a few minutes this way then I say "OK Bobby hun, enough now the girls need to get to sleep" and he lets the light stay on every time.

I have also tried recording to see If there are voices or noise In my home. What I have gotten so far is an EVP of a boy saying mum, mum, muuum. It was recorded at (minus) -28 to -36 decibels.

I plan now on trying it with me asking questions and seeing who Bobby and the kid really are. For the record, Beej insists that Bobby and the kid are different spirits, and are unaware of each other.

Faith, NSW, Australia
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