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Bodies Below The House

AJ Deal, Califarnia, USA
November 2008

My old home in Blackhawk, South Dakota, was haunted by at least three ghosts: a little girl who sings at night, a little old man who sits at my fireplace, and an unseen spirit that was in my old room. Pretty crazy, huh?

The unseen spirit in my bedroom I had become good friends with. I called him Lewis, and he responded quite well to the name, too! All of my friends thought I was making everything up until I said, "Lewis, please enter my room." Soon enough, everything went cold and my lights flickered. My friends were shaking with fear and I told them to be unafraid. Now when they stayed the night, oh boy then things picked up! This scared them to the point of leaving the sleepover!

At about midnight we walked out to get some food from the kitchen, and, lo and behold, there was the little old man, sitting on the fireplace! My friend Matt approached the old man and he disappeared. Everyone was dumbfounded and awestruck at the sight of him. We returned to the bedroom and watched some TV. I had felt Lewis in the room so we felt pretty cool about him through the rest of the night. This is the reason why they left; at midnight I began to hear the windy voice of the little girl singing, and I told my friends to listen closely. Then the singing became louder, and louder until we could hear her voice at the doorway. Then the doorknob started to jiggle wildly, Matt had opened the window and jumped out along with my other two friends, they ran away to their houses! And that's when everything stopped. The ghosts are still around today, believe me! I still want to return home to South Dakota so I can visit Lewis again.

AJ Deal, Califarnia, USA
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