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Bones & Bodies in the Back Yard

Monique Hennesy, CA, USA
September 2002

I was 19 and a new mother when I moved into my home. The house was brand new, I would call it the "New Millennium Style." It was in a nice neighborhood, and all the neighbors kindly welcomed us.

Being so young, I didn't expect all the elderly people to be so nice to me. I don't know why I have that feeling?

One night I got back from work late and felt guilty because I went over the speed limit and almost hit an old man when I was pulling onto my street. But I was home safe. I paid my son's baby sitter and she went home. I was all alone...

My son was asleep in his playpen so I picked him up and took him upstairs. I was setting him in his crib when I felt a cold breath of air on my right shoulder. I spun around quickly. But nothing was there. I figured it came from the open window in his room. But there was still an insecure feeling in the back of my head.

I kissed my son good-night and said a prayer and went off to my room, just across his room. There's a window on the right side of my room and, by habit, looked out. There I saw him-it-whatever it was...It had the body of a man and the head of a lion (or some kind of animal that looked like the Beast in the Disney movie) I stared and couldn't say a word.

The window faces at the backyard, and he was digging a hole back there. Suddenly he pulls out a knife from his side and cuts his head off!! It rolls into the hole he dug and he started to bury it. At that point I screamed and ran to my son's room. I was so scared. I took him out and held him close. I began to pray. I don't remember when or even how I fell asleep that night but I did.

In the morning, I called my neighbor Bonnie. She was an old woman (60-67 yrs old I'd say) and told her my story. Then she stared at me as if she were in deep-thought. So I asked her what's wrong? Then out came the truth.

She told me that the last family that lived here was murdered, every single person in the household was killed. A chilling feeling ran down my spine. Then she said that the bodies were never recovered and the murderer was never found. Then it hit me. The back yard.

I knew some friends in the construction business and told them to come dig up my yard. They thought I was crazy, but agreed to do it. When they got to the spot that I thought that the "thing" was, they found five bodies piled up on top of each other. A man, a woman, two sons, and an infant child placed in a shoe box. I went out cold. And two of the men vomited.

Bonnie told me they had knocked down the old "murder" house and replaced it with the one I was living in! I couldn't help putting my son in harms way, so we were out of there within 5 days. I said bye to Bonnie. I couldn't help but look at the damn house one last time. As I was pulling out of the street, I felt that same cold breath of air rush past my ear again and it said, "I'll be back..."

Monique Hennesy, CA, USA
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