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Breton Alberta Haunted Post Office

Shawn, Alberta, Canada
June 2017

In the summer of 1992 my wife and two kids and I moved to a small town, in central Alberta, called Breton. I had just taken on a job as an operator for and oil company and we were just starting out our new life.

We commissioned a realtor to find us a home from which my wife could start a business to keep busy, but also raise our two girls. After some time, a house on the town's main street came up for sale, this house was perfect it had a reasonable living area in the back and ample business space up front. We bought the house, moved in, & put our personal touches on it.

This town was the best thing that ever happened to us, the locals were friendly, the air was clean, and it was a nice quiet break from city life.

The first couple months of living in Breton were like something from a storybook, but that changed after what we experienced in our home. The paranormal experiences started with us hearing the floor creak sometimes, but this was an old house (formerly a post office, built sometime in the 1940s or 50s) so this was somewhat explainable. It didn't stop there, we would only enter the basement for maintenance or to store unneeded items, but every time we'd go to the basement there was always a smell that reminded us of burning cloth.

It was hard to sleep at night in this house my wife would wake up panicking and I would always grind my teeth during my sleep. Not too long after all of this started our marriage began deteriorating, my wife and I were constantly fighting over the most trivial issues. We went from being deeply in love to hating each other and not being able to bear each other's presence.

We are of the Christian faith, so we decided to have the house blessed. This helped for a few months, but the problems returned. Each time we'd have the house blessed the problems would return, but worse. It got to a point where my wife and two little girls hated me and although it pains me to recall, I hated them.

After realizing that this house was the problem we sold it to the first person willing to buy it and moved away from that town. My wife and I are still happily married and our little girls are grown up and have a brother, we've been doing great since we moved to another nearby town. My wife and I are certain that the house on the corner of 50th and 50th was our problem and that it almost ruined our lives.

Shawn, Alberta, Canada
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